Are Outpatient Rehab Facilities Available to Help in an Emergency?

Your loved one has been struggling with the source of his addiction for far too long. You can’t even remember what it was like be for substance abuse took control of his mind and body. It’s reached a breaking point. You’re facing an emergency situation. It could be an overdose, the one you love is suicidal, or an emotional breakdown is imminent.

You need to get help from addiction treatment experts. You need to know if outpatient facilities are available to help right away. Time is of the essence if a victim of substance abuse is in crisis. You need to reach out to addiction recovery professionals right away. Outpatient rehab facilities are an option. The first step is to determine if there are openings available. The next step is to find the right treatment program for your loved one. You want to find a recovery program that will be successful in the long run.

What are the Advantages of an Outpatient Treatment Program?

An outpatient rehab facility offers more flexibility than an inpatient facility. When your loved one enters a program for treatment, he will have the following advantages:

  • Living at home is still possible
  • Clients can continue to work or go to school
  • Counseling sessions will revolve around the client’s schedule
  • Counseling services will involve family and friends as well
  • Outpatient programs may be more affordable

Meeting with a professional therapist can give your loved one the tools needed to put substance abuse behind him. It can also help him through a critical point in his life when he is at risk.

What are the Drawbacks of Outpatient Rehab?

While outpatient rehab programs have many benefits, there are potential drawbacks as well. Your loved one will have much more freedom with an outpatient program. It is easier to fall prey to temptation when access to drugs and alcohol is possible. Your loved one can be successful in an outpatient program. However, he will need to have a great deal of willpower. He will also require a supportive environment. Family and friends will need to form a net around him to catch him if he starts to stray.

When are Inpatient Programs Recommended?

Your loved one may be a candidate for an inpatient program if you feel he cannot avoid substance abuse. Inpatient services are typically advised for detox as well. This is the point when no substance abuse will be allowed. Your loved one will need to go through withdrawal in order to eliminate all the toxins in his body. It is best to have medical support at this challenging phase of treatment. From that point forward, intense therapy will help the one you love to overcome drugs or alcohol.

Turn to Addiction Recovery Staff to Find the Best Program Now

Don’t let your questions about recovery stop you from getting help. The best thing you can do is get your loved on in for a consultation. Once a recovery specialist has evaluated him, it will be possible to figure out which program is going to be most effective. If your loved one has already tried outpatient programs only to fail, it may be time for more support. However, outpatient services may be a good fit if your loved one has a good network of friends and family at home.

Working together is the best defense against substance abuse. When you join forces with an outpatient recovery team, you can give your loved one a chance to regain control of his life. You can take the journey together one step at a time. Your loved one may not realize it now, but he is lucky to have someone like you fighting for him. Look forward to the day you can celebrate together. Don’t hesitate to talk to one of our addiction recovery representatives today.

Contact us at 772-266-5320 to learn about what kind of treatment programs could work for the one you love. We will review options for outpatient and inpatient services, as well as insurance coverage. Let us schedule a consultation with one of our treatment professionals in your loved one’s time of need. We know this is a stressful time that is filled with questions. We want to help you to find the answers.

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