Can I Still Take Prescribed Drugs If In Outpatient Rehab?

Are you considering an outpatient rehab program for an addiction? If so, congratulations! Rehab is the first step when you are dealing with any type of addiction, whether it is a drug addiction or an alcohol problem. However, you probably have some questions about the process before you commit to it. What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab? What if I take prescribed medications? Can I still take a prescription drug that my doctor prescribed to me if I go to outpatient rehab?

It’s normal to have a bit of apprehension when you’re getting ready to sign up at your local outpatient rehab. Let’s keep reading to find out what you can expect.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab- What’s the Difference?

All rehabs are not made the same! You may be worried about going into rehab full-time if you have a lot of other responsibilities to take care of during the day or night. Inpatient rehab requires a full-time commitment, day and night. Some programs last for a couple of weeks while others last for 90-days or more. Inpatient rehab means staying away from family, friends, work, school- everything you are used to doing on a daily basis. However, inpatient rehab is recommended if you have a severe addiction or if you have relapsed one or more times in the past.

If you simply can’t commit to this amount of time for any reason, then outpatient rehab will be your next best bet. Outpatient rehab programs vary when it comes to their time commitment. You may go a few hours every week or a few hours every single day. You will benefit more from outpatient rehab if you are struggling with an addiction that isn’t as severe as others. You’ll also do better if you have a strong support system at home and reliable transportation to and from the facility. Depending on your financial situation, outpatient rehab will also be the least expensive option.

What if I Take Prescribed Medication?

One major worry for many addicts is whether or not they will have to give up every single medication they take. If you have a regular primary care physician, let them know that you will be going into rehab. The facility you choose may call the office to verify that you are being prescribed the medication you have in your possession. In most cases, you’ll have no problem going to outpatient rehab while taking prescribed medication. As long as you keep the facility up to date with any changes, you won’t have any problems.

If you are going through withdrawals while you are in outpatient rehab, the medical staff may prescribe something for you to take, such as Suboxone. Make sure you let them know about any prescription drugs you are taking before adding a new one to the mix. You will also likely have to undergo regular drug tests while in outpatient rehab. Always keep your records up-to-date to avoid any problems.

The Structure of Outpatient Programs

When you first join a program, you will have a meeting with a staff member to come up with a plan for your treatment. They will ask you questions concerning:

• Past and current drug use
• Mental health issues
• Prescribed medications
• Medical history
• Family issues
• Living situation
• Financial problems
• Employment
• Previous treatment experiences

It’s very important to be honest during the intake process so that they are able to create the most effective plan for your needs. They have seen and heard it all, so your story will come as no shock to them no matter how bad you think it is.

Every program is structured differently and will offer a diverse schedule. You may have to attend treatment sessions every single day, or you may be able to split up longer sessions between just a few days a week. Some programs will require you to complete different assignments while you are outside of the treatment center. You’ll take part in group therapy sessions with other addicts, but you will also have private therapy sessions with a qualified therapist.

Family therapy is often a part of outpatient rehab. If your family members are willing to come in and talk with a counselor, these sessions can help bring the family unit back together again.

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