Can pets go to alcohol rehab with patients?

In the last 10 to 15 years, the addiction treatment community has come to the realization that clients need custom treatment options. It is nearly impossible to successfully treat thousands of addiction sufferers with a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. With a first-time recovery rate of less than 60%, it was clear that old treatment methods were not working. Since adopting a more practical and custom approach to treating addiction sufferers, the numbers have been approving across the board. As an addiction sufferer, you undoubtedly have a unique set of circumstances surrounding your addiction.

Likewise, you are more likely to succeed in recovery if the rehab facility does everything it can to make you comfortable while going through residential treatment. Of course, there are limits to what any given treatment facility can do. With that said, it is incumbent on you to seek out a treatment program that you think will address your very specific needs. The titled question about pets is a very specific question that would tend to indicate pets are very important to their owners. That is whether the owner is an addiction sufferer or not. The question goes right to the heart of offering custom treatment programs for clients. In the following sections, we will discuss how rehab facilities can work to keep clients comfortable during treatment, something that will usually improve the probability of clients seeking treatment and succeeding in recovery.

Can Pets Go to Alcohol Rehab With Patients?

The answer to this very specific question is yes, there are rehab facilities that will cater to clients who want to bring their pets to rehab. Rehab facilities will offer this level of catering as a way to remove obstacles that might stand in the way of some people seeking treatment. If you want or need to take your pet with you to rehab, you will likely need to call around in order to find a rehab facility that will cater to your very specific need. However, we want to caution you about something. You don’t want to be taking your pet to rehab if it will in any way interfere with you focusing on the task at hand.

That would be you putting all of your focus and effort into working towards a complete recovery from your addiction. By the way, there are a lot of special circumstances that top rehab facilities might be willing to accommodate. For your edification, here are other special needs that addiction sufferers might want accommodations for in order to be comfortable during treatment.

  • Gender specific treatment facilities
  • Treatment centers that cater to specific religious beliefs
  • Treatment for very specific kinds of substance abuse
  • Treatment in an environment that offers a very high level of security and privacy, think high profile celebrities and business people
  • Luxury rehab facilities that offer very special amenities

As a rule of thumb, you can find a rehab that will cater to your very specific needs if you invest the time to find one. Regardless of your special needs, you need to be focusing on the treatment process, which usually includes a detox program and therapy.

Detox Programs

Almost all addiction sufferers will need time to go through withdrawal when they decide to stop drinking. It is just a fact of life. If your addiction is significant, you can expect to go through some harsh withdrawal symptoms. We are here to tell you that you would be far safer to go through a detox program than to detox on your own. By doing so, you would have the protection of medical staff should your withdrawal symptoms start causing you significant discomfort.


Ultimately, getting therapy is what will end up saving your life. This would be your chance to face up to the real causes of your addiction. Learning the truth is something you really need. It would become the basis for you developing better coping skills, skills that would help you avoid relapses in the future. Regardless of what you would consider your special needs, you need to get yourself into treatment. In our facility, we work very hard to cater to very specific needs.

We do that because our clients succeed at a much higher rate when they feel comfortable in their treatment environment. If we can assist you, let us know. You can reach out to us by simply calling one of our staff members at 302-842-2390.

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