Can You Get Admitted Immediately into a Florida Detox Center?

If you’ve reached the end of your rope with your addiction, you might be ready to start treatment right now. Or maybe you have a loved one who’s having a medical crisis because of their drug use. If you’re in either of these situations, you’ll be glad to know that in Florida, you can get admitted into a detox facility on the same day that you call.

Florida Detox Centers Can Help You

In most cases, you or your loved one have been preparing to go into detox ahead of time. But there are some situations when you need to take immediate action. Things can change quickly with addiction. A person’s medical condition can rapidly get worse. You should get them into same-day detox in the following cases.

  • The person is showing signs of acute alcohol poisoning or drug overdose.
  • Your loved one is saying that they want to get treatment right now, and you want to take action before they change their mind.
  • The person is behaving irrationality and out of control after consuming drugs or alcohol.
  • The person suddenly quit drinking or taking drugs and is now experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Your loved one is having a medical emergency related to their drug or alcohol use.

Will a Detox Center in Florida Offer Same-Day Treatment?

In most cases, a Florida detox center can admit you the same day that you call. When you call a private rehabilitation center, you are more likely to get an immediate response. Keep the following in mind if you want same-day admittance to detox.

  • Community and state rehab centers frequently have long waiting lists, and you may have to wait two weeks or more to be admitted.
  • Hospital emergency rooms are often overcrowded and you could end up waiting hours to see a doctor.
  • A state facility may be similarly overbooked and unable to admit you.

A private detox center in Florida is your best option if you want to be admitted into treatment immediately.

What to Expect After You Call

  • The doctors will do an initial medical assessment to determine what immediate treatment is needed to stabilize the person.
  • Once the person is stabilized, they will be admitted into detox.
  • Medical detox allows someone to withdraw from drugs or alcohol safely and comfortably. It is done under round-the-clock medical supervision and involves no withdrawal symptoms.
  • Once detox is completed, the person is able to choose an addiction treatment program that is right for them. This will be done in consultation with the medical team and the person’s family.
  • It’s important to remember that your loved one has the right to refuse further treatment.

Information that the Detox Center Needs

You will need to provide the detox center with as much information as possible regarding the following:

  • The person’s history of addiction and the substances they typically abuse.
  • Any medical or psychiatric conditions that the person is currently being treated for.
  • The person’s history of relapses and detox attempts.
  • Prescribed medications that the person is taking.
  • Any developmental or cognitive disorders that the person has.
  • Whether the person has ever been psychotic or suicidal.

You should also be prepared to provide:

  • Insurance information.
  • Information about who will be responsible for financial issues.
  • Information about the person’s living situation.

Emergency, same-day detox can be an unsettling experience for everyone. At a treatment center, the doctors and counseling staff are experienced in dealing with the medical and emotional aspects of the process. They will make it as easy as possible for everyone concerned.

Why You Should Choose Florida for Same-Day Detox Admittance

Florida has become a leading state in the care of addiction and alcoholism. When you go into detox, you can expect a high level of care that uses the latest medical and psychotherapeutic techniques to heal addiction. At a Florida detox center, you’ll find:

  • A beautiful, uplifting environment.
  • Top-notch addiction counseling.
  • Treatment centers that rank among the best in the country.
  • Sober living homes that provide ongoing care.

Are You Looking for Same-Day Detox in Florida?

If you or your loved one have decided that today’s the day, call our counselors day or night at 772-266-5320. They can arrange your admittance into a Florida detox center right now.

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