Can You Go to a Men’s Drug Facility if You’re Gay?

Men’s rehabs give men a safe space to open up about addiction, mental health and unique challenges that many men face in their recovery. However, some men fear that going to a men’s-only rehab when they’re gay may set them up to be the victim of bullying or discrimination.

Your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the type of substance abuse treatment you have access to; some gay men may prefer looking for a program that has LGBTQ substance abuse programs, but this is not a requirement, and you do not even have to disclose your sexual preferences to a rehab if you do not want to.

Being Gay in Rehab

You may feel awkward at a men’s program if you are gay because close-minded people could draw assumptions about you while you’re there. No one is entitled to know about your sexual orientation, but you should not feel ashamed and force yourself to keep it a secret either.

Society is much more liberal today, and the LGBTQ community encourages gay men to take ownership of their sexual orientation. However, not every man is comfortable with this, and they may struggle to be openly gay because they do not feel like they fit the typical mold of what they think a gay man should be.

This identity struggle can cause many to pursue drugs and alcohol as a way of coping with the confusion, depression and anxiety associated with being gay. Sexual struggles as a whole are also something that many men wrestle with, and a men’s rehab gives them the open, safe space they need to reveal their difficulties without feeling ashamed or weak.

Topics at a men’s-only rehab include addressing anger management, getting in touch with emotions, overcoming toxic masculinity and developing a healthy sense of identity beyond gender stereotypes and societal expectations.

Challenges of Men’s Rehabs

Men and women both benefit from many similar approaches to treatment, but society’s expectations of men can cause them to face unique challenges during the recovery process. For example, males are typically raised to be unaffected and independent, which causes many of them to struggle with expressing their weaknesses, identifying insecurities and opening up to others.

Rehab requires honesty and vulnerability, but many men may react in anger to their painful feelings when confronted with them in a counseling setting. Many men use aggression to cope with their pain, which immediately distances them from vulnerability and pushes others away.

It’s not uncommon for men in rehab to struggle with anger management and try to establish a sense of superiority over others, whether it’s through insulting other members, bragging about their sexual achievements or displays of physical dominance.

Professionals expect all of these behaviors and are trained to respond in a way that protects everyone’s safety and diffuses hostility. Men must learn through rehab that there is more to be gained by supporting one another.

LGBTQ Rehabs for Gay Men

Although the world is rapidly becoming more inclusive, gay individuals still face discrimination in many areas of their life. Being gay comes with many struggles including feeling afraid to be honest about who you are, feeling out of place within the LGBTQ community and being the victim of harassment or abuse because of your sexual orientation.

Not every gay man wants people to know their sexuality right off the bat, and that’s okay, but the shame they may hold around being gay causes a great deal of internal pain and discomfort.

LGBTQ care is understanding and inclusive; it doesn’t ask you to adopt any labels you aren’t comfortable with, but it also helps you explore your feelings around different terms and learn to understand how certain thoughts might be holding you back.

LGBTQ rehab can also help gay men start to heal from the pain of religion, rejection and guilt that have been inflicted on them by others including their families, the church and their community.

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