Do All Alcohol Classes for DUI Also Have Marijuana Education?

Watching your loved one struggle with an addiction is an unsettling and heartbreaking experience. Seeing these circumstances unfold before you has led you down the journey of seeking help for your relative or friend. As you research specific components of the program, you often find yourself with questions. One of those questions involves whether or not all alcohol classes also include components that have to do with marijuana education.

Alcohol Classes and Marijuana Education

Chances are that you have some familiarity with classes that educate learners on the dangers of alcohol and marijuana abuse. Many schools, for example, provides these classes to young people in the hopes of preventing such abuse from ever coming into fruition. Now, however, you want to know if such classes are available for adults and what components these classes entail. Consider the following points when trying to determine if the class on alcohol’s potential dangers will also cover problems with marijuana:

  • The source of the class
  • The need for the class
  • The individual’s program

The short answer to your question is that not every single class on alcohol is also going to cover marijuana usage.

Class Source

Consider the source of the class when trying to determine if both the topics of alcohol and marijuana are included. For example, if you are investigating programs that are specifically geared toward individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse, you may find that the topic of marijuana is not covered. On the other hand, if the source of the class is an entity that helps people who have a variety of addictions to different substances, the program might cover both alcohol and marijuana. The only way to find out what specifically the program or class covers is to contact a representative at the entity that is creating the content.

Need for the Class

In addition to examining the source of the class, you also have to take into account why the class was created in the first place. Many public schools, for example, have programs to teach students about the dangers of drinking and of using drugs. A program with this aim is likely to include both alcohol and marijuana, as the goal is to prevent young people from engaging in the use of both substances. On the other hand, the class might be part of a larger program during which some presentations are on alcohol and other presentations are on marijuana. As you can see, knowing the audience and the purpose of the class is crucial in determining whether or not the class is going to include the topics of both alcohol and marijuana.

Individual Program

Maybe you’re worried that your loved one will not receive the necessary help by enrolling in a class that covers only on of the topics. On the other hand, you might have concerns if your loved one is going to have exposure to topics that might not necessarily help in the recovery process at this point. The good news is that many different individual programs exist, and you can find one that is right for your relative or friend. You could find a class or an entire program that is specifically about alcohol or exclusively about marijuana usage.

You can also discover programs and classes that talk about the dangers of other drugs. What’s important here is that you are helping your loved one to find the right fit. The two of you could visit different facilities together to see which one feels comfortable. When you visit the facilities, speak with a representative to find out what different programs are available. Also, take into account how important having these individual conversations are.

You might not see the exact setup that you’re looking for explained on the facility’s website. However, a conversation with a representative can clarify for you that this program does exist. Further, many entities work to tailor plans to the needs of the individuals. When your loved one meets with a representative, the two of them can work together to determine a plan that will address the specific needs of your relative or friend. Some alcohol classes do not involve a marijuana component, but others do not. Fortunately, you can find a plan that is the ideal fit for your loved one. To take the next step on this important journey, call 772-266-5320 to speak with a representative today.

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