Do Drug Rehab Centers in Delaware Treat Alcoholics?

You could easily feel yourself suffering from an addiction problem regardless if it’s gambling, eating disorders, or drug abuse. Most people suffering from drug addiction, in this case, will struggle to break the cycle of their own but often relapse after giving in to cravings. The key to getting clean and increasing its chances of success is by seeking professional help immediately.

Easier said than done for most since you have to recognize that you have an addiction problem as the first step in the right direction. Secondly, you need to find a suitable drug rehab for you. According to statistics, alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in Delaware. Alcohol addiction is reported to have affected a considerable percentage of the youth with opioids, marijuana, and heroin abuse coming in closely after. Luckily, alcohol rehabs are available for patients across all age groups. Here’s what to expect when looking for one.

Regulations for rehab centers

Seeing that alcoholism is a prevalent disease, the authorities at Delaware have gone a step further to enact specific laws that govern rehabilitation. All rehab facilities must meet certain standards. A facility must outline its specialty in the rehab industry before proceeding with its operations. For instance, if a facility states that its target clients are alcoholics, it must meet particular treatment modalities such as the inclusion of medical detox, medical experts, and a medical setting. This goes to ensure that the facility will battle alcoholism as promised.

Types of rehab centers that treat alcoholics


Inpatient treatment facilities offer 24/7 care in the facility where you will be under tight supervision from qualified health professionals. Inpatient services are recommended for patients who have abused alcohol for long periods or in large quantities. The inpatient facility must be fully equipped to provide medical-assisted treatments, especially if detoxification is involved.


If your alcoholism isn’t that severe, and you would want to continue with your regular activities while undergoing treatment, the outpatient rehab facilities for alcoholics would be your best bet. Programs typically require you to head into the recovery center for a couple of hours every day. The professionals should diagnose your addiction level before advising if the outpatient option is right for you. Individuals with high relapse rates are encouraged to go to inpatient treatment to reduce the probability of giving in to alcohol abuse again.

What are your treatment options at alcohol rehab?


Detox aims at weaning you off the alcohol and helping you manage the withdrawal symptoms.

Dual-diagnosis treatment

Some long-term alcoholics may develop mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. The alcohol rehab facility will recommend dual diagnosis treatment to treat both alcoholism and mental disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Therapy is an integral part of the treatment process. Cognitive-behavioral therapy aims at equipping you with skills to prevent relapse and how to cope with life after being discharged.

Individual and group counseling

These counseling sessions are conducted to help uncover the underlying trigger factors that could have pushed you into abusing alcohol. The meetings also motivate you into forgiving yourself for all the mistakes and shortcomings that you might have caused during your period as an alcoholic.

Most alcohol rehabs have incorporated the 12-step and sponsor programs to increase the success rates of addiction treatment. Your ideal rehab center for alcoholics should outline of these treatment methods in their programs as per the Delaware regulations.

How to find a rehab center that can treat alcoholism

It is important to note that not all rehab centers treat alcoholism. You might want to research further on specialized treatment centers near you. Consider inquiring from your primary healthcare provider, friends, and family for referrals on a treatment center that can handle your alcoholic problem. Your insurance company may also turn out to be a valuable source of information when looking for a favorable treatment center.

While many rehab centers handle all drug-related addictions, it would be of immense help if you found one that specializes in treating alcoholism. Here, you will find doctors and therapists who have handled alcoholics for ages and the success rates for the treatment are likely to be the highest.

Have you been struggling to control your cravings for alcohol and would like to put it to a stop? Call us today at 772-266-5320 and schedule an appointment with us. Our experts will educate you on the treatment process and your options. You are never too late for sobriety.

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