Do Outpatient Rehabs Need Certain Licenses to Practice?

Inpatient programs run under strict guidelines and regulations because of the services they provide in their centers. Outpatient treatments run differently, though, as they don’t house any clients in the actual facility. The question many people have on their minds is whether outpatient rehabs need certain licenses to practice or are they not closely monitored as the in-house programs are. While the two types of addiction treatments have different programs and both provide services to separate situations, they share some same guidelines when operating a business. Licensing, rules, and regulations are a part of any business offering services to the public. To run a company, they must adhere to all rules in order to keep operating that business. If certain requirements don’t meet expectations at higher levels of the state, any company will lose the ability to offer their services anymore. Outpatient programs are no different. They still have to follow guidelines set forth for their particular business. Here, we’ll discuss the licenses needed, and some rules and regulations outpatient treatment centers needs to follow. Outpatient rehabs need certain licenses The licenses that each facility needs, in order to provide services for clients, varies by state and local laws. It also depends on the types of treatments that each center offers. If an outpatient rehab program provides any type of medical services, then they will need to pursue certain licenses to perform them. If the center is a non-medical facility, then normal licensing is all that’s needed. As with any business, an outpatient center would need some type of operational planning license just to run their center. This could include other types of certifications as their state requires, which could include having a kitchen or bathroom on the premises. Some states may even require some type of substance abuse disorder license before you can treat addiction. Once they obtain all applicable licenses, they should take care to stay current and any report any change of information as they come up. Outpatient rehab need certain rules and regulations Along with licensing, there are many rules and regulations any business needs to have. An outpatient center would need to show proof of having some type of liability insurance that covers pretty much everything related to the business. Having optimal coverage is important as unforeseen things can happen all the time. They also need to meet standards set forth by their local accessibility organizations to ensure all individuals can access and maneuver around their property as needed. Most state and local laws would require an outpatient facility to pass all applicable inspections. This kind of rehab program would need to show that their center meets all requirements to run their business in that city. The types of inspections can also vary as each center has different needs. The inspections that are most likely needed would include:

  • Fire Inspections
  • Health and Safety Inspections
  • Building Inspections

Other outpatient rehabs licenses and regulations to practice Outpatient centers have some license requirements for running a business. But, there are other regulations that will also need to be adhered to. Those would concern the staff themselves. All counselors providing mental health therapeutic services must have a current license to perform their counseling sessions. Any medical treatments that may be provided would need to be performed by a medical doctor trained in that particular task. That doctor would also need a current license to complete any medical duties the center offers. All supporting staff, like resident advisors and office staff, would have to complete and pass a background test as required by state laws. Each state would have different requirements, but they may need to be done every couple of years or so. Privacy is a huge deal with any facility offering medical or counseling services. Your right to having privacy concerning your personal information should be upheld. Centers need to explain that right to you as well as discuss who the information would be shared with and how it will be done. Outpatient programs do run differently than an in-house one would, but licensing, rules and regulations can be quite similar. Every state and city will vary in what requirements they have concerning running a rehab treatment facility. Anyone offering an in-house or outpatient rehab program should clearly state what licenses they hold for their business. States and local laws will govern their practices to ensure you’re receiving the best possible help. For more information about licensing and outpatient services, give us a call at 302-842-2390

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