Does a Drug Treatment Center in Florida Have to Help You?

Coming to terms with addiction is a difficult process in itself, so it’s uplifting to discover that there are treatment centers that offer help. If you’ve struggled with addiction for a while, you may have tried to quit in the past only to find the cravings too strong. Looking toward professional help can give you a ray of hope by helping you feel as though you’re no longer alone. However, this doesn’t mean you can get help from any Florida treatment center.

As you begin looking at your options for obtaining addiction treatment, it will be up to you to determine which facilities offer the best services for your situation. Similarly, each treatment center will have its own criteria for admitting new clients. If you don’t meet those criteria, or if you require help that they can’t provide, they may not be able to treat you. In that case, they will likely refer you to a facility that can help you more efficiently, and provide the type of treatment you need.

Don’t Assume It’s Just Discrimination

Just like any healthcare facility, there are rules against discrimination that rehab centers must obey. Additionally, most rehab facilities maintain memberships in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, which means they will have to abide by that organization’s Code of Ethics. Violating those rules can result in the facility losing its membership status, so it may help to ensure the facilities you consider are members of the organization.

Some Florida facilities seek out specific groups to treat, and that can seem like discrimination even though it’s a legal distinction. For example, there are rehab facilities that only treat women. Typically, the women participating in the addiction treatment programs at these facilities have been abused or assaulted, so it’s easy to understand how male addicts might disrupt the recovery process. There may also be treatment facilities that only treat veterans and those enlisted in the armed services. Before assuming a refusal to treat you is based on discrimination, it’s important to ensure the facility is open to everyone.

Your Budget Plays a Part

When it comes down to it, addiction treatment centers are businesses, and they must remain solvent just like any other business. This means they need to charge fees to their clients that will help them pay for equipment, supplies, salaries, and other expenses. The more services and amenities the facility offers, the more they will have to charge their clients. This should be something to consider as you begin browsing the various treatment options in and around your community.

As you begin shopping for a Florida rehab treatment facility, take the time to consider your budget, income, and your credit rating. These factors can help you accurately determine which facilities offer you the best treatment options within your cost bracket. If paying out of pocket isn’t an option for you, here are a few other resources to consider:

  • Medicaid or Medicare
  • Private health insurance
  • Personal loans

Some Treatment Centers Aren’t Equipped to Fulfill Your Needs

Another thing to consider is the facility’s resources. You may not be able to get the treatment you need at the facilities in your immediate area, so expanding your search may be necessary. For example, there are some Florida treatment facilities that aren’t equipped to handle medicated detoxes. If you need help to get sober and clean, you would either have to find a detox center or look for a fully comprehensive treatment center. Each treatment center has different resources, so it’s in your best interests to contact each facility and learn more about what it offers.

Another point to consider is whether the treatment center has experience handling your type of addiction. Some Florida facilities specialize in treating alcoholism, while others may specialize in treating addiction to specific drugs (meth, opioids, etc.). There are many facilities that offer generalized rehab services that can be adapted to treat any type of addiction. If the treatment facility’s counselors suggest other rehab centers to you, they may have good reasons for doing so. In these instances, it’s often in your best interests to seek out an addiction treatment center that focuses more on your needs.

When you’re ready to begin your addiction recovery, contact us at 772-266-5320. Our counselors are always available to discuss your treatment needs and to counsel you about our policies. A phone consultation is the first step in getting you the help you need to recover from your addiction.

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