Does the Length of Time You’ve Been Addicted Affect the Length of Detox?

Deciding to withdraw from the use of a specific drug is a golden move. The majority have yearned to make such a move, but it’s not been easy. Frequently they try to stop the abuse but quite often find themselves back to using the usual habit-drug abuse. Does it mean that the length of time they have been addicted impacts the length of detox? We’ll find out as we continue to discuss this topic.

One of the reasons that may be making them go back to the habit could be the withdrawal symptoms that keep appearing immediately after they stop abusing the drug. An example of such symptoms could be someone who was addicted to a particular substance, becoming stressed. That happens mostly during the Detox period.

What exactly do we mean by detox?

Detoxing refers to the removal of substances that are deemed harmful to the body. The process can either be natural or medical. In drug addiction, detox is removing a specific substance that has been abused for a long from the body.

Precisely, it is the cleansing of the body. The process can be carried out on anyone regardless of the age or substance used. You might want to know the period it takes to detox the body. Keep reading. The answer is right here;

How long does it take to detox the body?

Those who have been drug addicts in the past and recovered understand this better. When you start taking a specific substance, your body slowly becomes used to it, considering your abuse frequency. At some point, the body becomes addicted to the drug to the extent that you cannot do without it. That’s how effective substance abuse can be to you.

Imagine that after getting addicted, you start forcing the body to move away from what it views as a normal condition. It isn’t easy, though. That’s why the period taken for the body to detox may be varied. However, the periods you take to detox take days or months. It solely depends on some of the factors highlighted in the subsequent section of this article.

Factors determining the length of detox

As mentioned, the detox period is not constant since its dependent on the following;

Addiction period

First, the duration of addiction has lasted plays a significant role when it comes to detox. A victim who was beginning to get addicted may take a shorter period to detox. On the other hand, someone who has been addicted to a specific drug for a long time may not take a shorter period. The withdrawal symptoms may be stronger, thus prompting the period to extend.

Medical stability

The underlying medical conditions may also have an impact on the period one takes to recover. For instance, if a victim has had a chronic disease, the probability of recovering from the addiction fast may be minimal. However, an addict who has been having a stable health condition may take a shorter period.

Quantity taken

Additionally, the amount of substance taken by the victim at any given time also plays a role in determining how long one may take to recover from the addiction. Some drugs, when taken in large quantities, tend to affect the normal functionality of the body. The effect may take longer in the body, thus influencing the recovery period.

The number of substances abused

Finally, the number of substances abused may also impact the detox period. Not all substances take the same period to get detox from the body. They also vary in terms of strength when consumed. Therefore, if someone takes a lot of drugs, the period of detox should not be expected to be short. That will be a lie. The body must be given enough time to respond to the detox method applied. The specific substances abused might also take longer to get out of the body system.

The in-depth meaning

From the above, you can figure out that the detox period is not determinant on just a few factors. Deeper considerations must be given to make the process successful.

Remember that the process cannot be hastened. The body must be given enough time to recover. Meanwhile, if the opposite is done, other side effects may be attracted hence complicating everything.


Among the initial steps to recovery, Detox is just one of the initial steps involved. To make the process successful without experiencing any side effects, you can opt for a detox program.

Under the program, it will be easier for a detox specialist to monitor your condition from time to time. If you feel that you are ready to get started, you can call at 772-266-5320 and have a conversation with our counselors at 772-266-5320. They are always available 24-7 to assist you.

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