How Can DE Drug Rehab Centers Influence a Criminal Court Case?

You never pictured yourself being in the mess you are in right now. You are caught up in a criminal case that is tied up in your addiction. You have no idea which way to turn or hope that you can get yourself out of this situation. You don’t have the resources to fight your way out of legal consequences for your actions. Before you give up on your future, learn how DE drug rehab centers can influence a criminal court case.

When you are brought before the court, your case is going to be evaluated. The Treatment Access Center represents the Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. If the source of your addiction has played a role in your criminal case, the Treatment Access Center will work with the courts on your behalf to recommend court-ordered treatment in a DE drug rehab center. With successful treatment, you may be able to avoid a prison sentence.

A DE Drug Rehab Center Can Give You a New Lease on Life

The criminal court system understands the impact that addiction can have in your life. The main goal of the legal system is to help you to rehabilitate yourself as you make better choices. Simply sending you to jail is not the answer. There are many benefits from entering a DE drug rehab center. They include:

  • Improving your chances of recovery from addiction
  • Reducing your risk of committing a criminal action again
  • Providing you with a support system that can help you to turn your life around

A prison sentence won’t get to the root of your problems. It won’t teach you how to beat your addiction. If a judge orders you to enter a DE drug rehab center, look at it as a second chance.

What Can You Expect After You are Given a Court Order to Receive Treatment?

Once you are evaluated by the Treatment Access Center, recommendations will be made for your treatment plan to attorneys and the court. Representatives from the center will continue to follow up on your case. They will check in with you and staff members of your rehab program on a regular basis. Once you are released from treatment, they will encourage you to continue a successful recovery. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is in your corner. They want you to have the tools you need to remain sober. Sober living can keep you out of the courts and at home with your family.

What Will Happen Once You Enter a DE Drug Rehab Center?

Once you begin your treatment program, any assessments performed by the Treatment Access Center will be taken into account. You may undergo additional evaluations by the medical professionals at the rehab facility. Your treatment program will be customized for you. You will be in a safe setting that is removed from any type of substance abuse. You’ll begin your journey with detox. Once the toxins left by your addiction have worked their way out of your body, your counselor can begin the hardest work of all. It will be time to retrain your mind to convince yourself you do not need your addiction anymore.

As the days in treatment go by, you will grow stronger. Your body will get healthy nourishment that may have been lacking. You will get emotional and mental support during your individual therapy sessions. You will also be able to band together with others who are facing the same struggle during group therapy. You will not be taking on your addiction alone. You will have a team of professionals who will work with you to put this period of your life behind you. With successful completion of your treatment plan, you can walk away from the legal system with your head held high.

Our counselors are here for you to encourage you and answer your questions. If you have been ordered by the court to attend one of our programs, call us today at 772-266-5320. We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you. We’re here every day of the year, all day and all night. Let us ease your mind as you open the door to a better future.

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