How Do Abusive Relationships Make It Harder to Seek Treatment for Addiction?

When people struggle with both drug or alcohol addiction and abusive relationships, successful recovery can seem downright impossible. That’s because abusive relationships make it infinitely more challenging for even the most resolute individuals to get well. Moreover, depending upon the nature of abuse being experienced, merely seeking help for substance use disorder can be hard. The good news is that drug and alcohol addiction treatments account for this surprisingly common problem. These programs are structured to remove people from the stressors and triggers that feed their addictions. They are also designed to give participants ample time to heal, opportunities to learn critical boundary-setting skills, and therapies for boosting confidence and improving mental health. In addition to helping patients become drug-free, inpatient rehab facilities assist their clients in establishing solid, sustainable, and ultimately healthy lives.

Inpatient or on-campus drug treatment programs require patients to remain separated from their family and friends throughout the duration of care. This is an important part of protecting the safety and well-being of the individual, eliminating access to harmful substances, and ensuring that all other in-house clients remain safe. More importantly, giving patients a quiet and peaceful time to work on their recoveries bolsters and supports their success. Within three to six months, many people find that they are ready to enter the world drug-free and remain that way. They have also learned basic relationship-building skills and improved discernment. Through group and individual counseling, program participants attain all that they need for both finding and fostering positive, safe, and mutually beneficial social connections.

The Important Link Between Addiction And Substance Abuse

Whenever relationships are abusive, there is a very high likelihood that one or both people within the union are abusing drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse leads to loss of impulse control, lowered inhibitions, and irrational thinking among other problems. For many people, the pain, frustration, and helplessness of domestic abuse can lead to drug or alcohol addiction. In these instances, people are using substances as a means for dealing with trauma. In other cases, substance use itself can lead to violent and irrational behaviors. Whether you’re tired of being mistreated or ready to stop mistreating others, addiction treatment can help. The right program will give you ample time away from the substances that are fueling your issue, while additionally giving you the skills that you need to live safely, in good health, and in happiness.

Domestic Abuse Comes In Many Different Forms

Like many victims of domestic abuse, you may be unsure as to whether or not your relationship is an abusive one. If either you or your partner use drugs, there is likely some form of abuse taking place within this union. Healthy relationships require two healthy partners. More importantly, domestic abuse can manifest in many forms. Among these are:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Abuse that’s image-based

Having someone repeatedly borrow money and not pay it back, outright steal money, and lie or manipulate for money is abusive. Your partner might tell you that you’re worthless, unattractive, or incapable of getting anything right. This individual may not respect your personal or sexual boundaries. All of these things can be classified as abuse, and they are all ultimately detrimental to your all-around well-being and recovery.

Learn How To Break The Cycle Of Abuse

When paired with abusive relationships substance use disorder can be downright deadly. For those struggling with this combination issue, addiction treatment offers an all-encompassing solution. During these programs, you’ll have access to seasoned counselors, knowledgeable peers who share similar life experiences, dedicated rehab professionals who are willing to take an individualized approach to your care, and countless options in therapy. These are the perfect spaces for restarting your life, especially given that the foremost priority of these facilities is ensuring the comfort and safety of all residents.

Once these programs end, participants are far better adept in identifying healthy and supportive relationships and environments, setting reasonable boundaries for those around them, and making smart social decisions. They are also skilled in leveraging proven strategies for dealing with cravings, temptation, and triggers. If you’re ready to get on the path to recovery and good health, we are here to help. Call us today at 772-266-5320.

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