How Do You Find Out If Your Health Insurance Covers Rehab?

There are many treatments and rehabilitation options for people dealing with substance abuse disorders. Luckily, many insurance companies cover the cost of addiction treatment because they’re well aware of the physical and mental traumas of substance abuse. Because treatment is not cheap, insurers make sure that their clients are covered. If you, or a loved one, are dealing with substance or alcohol abuse, there are ways for you to find out if your insurance company will cover the cost of rehab.

Although most companies cover the cost of rehabilitation, there are many people out there who can’t afford these benefits. That being said, there are many options and organizations out there to help those who are uninsured. This article will explain the factors considered when covering rehabilitation treatment, questions to ask when figuring out your insurance, and the types of programs available to cover patients who are uninsured.

Is rehab covered by health insurance?

After making the decision to seek help for substance abuse treatment, the next step is figuring out if your treatment is covered by insurance. The simple answer is that insurance coverage varies depending on what company you’re insured by. The easiest way to go about finding out if substance abuse treatment is covered is to call your health care provider. Rehabilitation is the most likely service to be covered by insurance and it can be expected that most companies will at least offer partial coverage for drug/alcohol abuse treatment.

There are two types of insurance: private and public. In many cases, private and public insurance companies cover about every type of addiction.

  • Private health insurance: Private insurance is provided by employers or private insurance companies. Payment plans and coverage vary depending on the company. Although it’s more expensive than public health plans, private insurance programs are more likely to recover a majority of treatment cost. Health coverage under this plan includes inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, luxury rehab, and holistic treatment options.
  • Public health insurance: Public health insurance plans are provided by the government. There several programs that offer public health care for families with monetary concerns. Public plans are more affordable and many don’t have deductibles or co-pays. In the event that rehabilitation treatment is not covered, there are nonprofit organizations that provide cheap rehab services.

What to ask your insurance provider

The best way to find out what your insurance plan covers is to call your health care provider. It’s important to know what treatment options are covered and all of the resources available to you. Contacting your insurance agent can help you find rehabilitation programs that are included under your coverage plan and can work within your budget. Substance abuse is no joke and sitting down with your health care provider can help you get as much information as possible.

Before sitting down with your health insurance agent, you should compile a list of questions to ask your agent. FAQ’s include:

  • What is the co-pay and deductible cost of rehabilitation treatment?
  • How many days of treatment are covered under this plan?
  • Are prescribed medicines covered?
  • Are detoxing programs covered?
  • To what extent are your services covered?
  • What treatment programs does my current policy cover?
  • What if you don’t have insurance?

Again, the answers to these questions vary depending on your health plan.

Over 60% of people who sought out rehabilitation did not have health insurance. Without the proper programs and expertise, patients seeking treatment will have a harder time kicking the addiction. In recognition of this, there are several programs and non-profit organizations that are constructed to help ease the financial burden of getting the treatment you need.

If you do not have health insurance, there are many treatment centers that are prepared to work out payment plans to cover the cost of rehab. In some cases, a loved one can act on behalf of the person needing rehabilitation to apply for insurance. It would be beneficial to sit down with an industry expert and determine the best treatment programs and financing options for you.

It’s not the easiest of tasks, but having to figure out your insurance should not keep you from getting the help you need to overcome substance abuse. With an industry expert with you, you’ll be able to understand your coverage plan and the cost of rehabilitation services in your state. Simply go online and research your insurance plan or find a local rehabilitation center at 772-266-5320 to guide you through your insurance plan today! Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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