How Do You Know When You Need a Florida Alcohol Rehab Center?

Coming to terms with the truth of one’s addiction is difficult. Many people often wonder when the line should be drawn between casual drinking and addiction. Looking into an alcohol rehab center in Florida? This is a good opportunity to give some serious thought as to whether or not it is time to get treatment. 

As you reflect on whether or not you need treatment, you’ll be able to understand the signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse, which will ultimately lead you to making the best decision for yourself. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse can be challenging to detect. While most people enjoy a casual cocktail every now and then, how much is too much? How can you tell when things have gone too far? 

Understanding the Degrees of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the following definitions should be used when qualifying alcohol abuse: 

  • Binge Drinking: This level of alcohol abuse occurs when an individual drinks enough alcohol to bring their blood alcohol concentration up to 0.08% or more. This is enough alcohol for the individual to be considered legally impaired. Typically, this level will be reached after five drinks for men and four drinks for women within a two hour period. 
  • Heavy Drinking: An individual’s drinking habits can be labeled as such if they regularly partake in eight to 15 drinks a week, for women and men respectively. 
  • Alcohol Abuse: This level of abuse is defined by regular drinking that results in damage to an individual’s physical person, their relationships, or their responsibilities.
  • Alcoholism, Alcohol Addiction, or Alcohol Dependence: These conditions are considered to be psychological disorders or chronic conditions that will result in an individual’s inability to discontinue their drinking habits, regardless of whether or not this behavior is damaging.

Is Alcohol Rehab the Right Fit for You?

Admitting your alcohol consumption has become a problem and escalated out of control is the first step in deciding whether or not to seek treatment. However, once you’ve determined that it’s time to enter recovery, you should consider a Florida rehab center. 

Alcohol rehab programs are right for anyone that is dependent on alcohol. If you find that you are experiencing withdrawal if you go several hours or days without drinking, you are in need of treatment. 

Consider the following signs that you need alcohol rehab: 

  • You’ve gotten into legal trouble as a result of drinking.
  • You are unable to quit drinking. 
  • You often hide your alcohol use. 
  • You find excuses to drink.
  • You have financial problems due to your drinking. 
  • You often blackout when drinking. 

If you find that you’ve experienced any of the above signs, it’s time to consider treatment. 

Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcohol rehab programs will help you on the road to recovery and sobriety. At a Florida alcohol rehab center, you’ll follow a treatment program that has been designed specifically for you. This type of inpatient alcohol rehab program will require you to go through detox and recovery while on the premises of the rehab center. This treatment can last for a month to a year, depending on the type of treatment you need. 

Making the choice to go through an alcohol rehab program isn’t easy, but it is essential if you are hoping to let go of your alcohol dependency. 

A typical alcohol rehab program will involve: 

  • Medical care around the clock
  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Individual therapy sessions 
  • Educational sessions during recovery 
  • Support

After making the decision to receive treatment from a rehab center, you’ll experience the various stages of treatment: assessment, detoxification, therapy, toxicology screening, vocational rehabilitation, family strengthening, and case management. Every aspect of treatment is designed to bring an individual through the detox, into recovery, and to sobriety, with certain processes in place to promote relapse prevention. 

While your treatment at the rehab center will come to an end, there is no end to your recovery. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in your time in treatment to your sober life out in the rest of the world. 

Do you have any further questions regarding Florida rehab centers? Call us today at 772-266-5320; our counselors are available 24 hours a day.

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