How Does a Florida Recovery Center Structure Their Daily Programs?

It’s understandable if you are wary of the addiction treatment process. A fear of the unknown is a reasonable response to something you have not yet experienced in your life. Still, you need to understand that addiction treatment centers exist to provide a vital service. They exist to help people who are suffering from addiction issues that are destroying their lives.

Working under the assumption you have never been through a professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, we want to provide you with some information about what you can expect. This information is intended to make you feel more at ease with the process, prompting you to step forward to get the help you need.

In the sections below, we will take you through what might be a typical day in residential rehab. Before that discussion begins, we want to offer you some general information about the entire treatment process.

When you report for treatment, the rehab facility’s admission staff will want to interview you. They are looking for details about your addiction and the circumstances surrounding your personal life. This information will be used to determine the best treatment options available to you based on that information.

If your addiction is substantial, there’s a good chance you will get placement in or referral to a detox program. The reason you might need to spend up to a week in a detox facility is to make sure you can get through withdrawal safely.

After detox, you would likely have to spend 30 to 60 days, maybe longer, getting therapy. The work you would be doing with your therapist would play a big role in the quality of your recovery. If you would be willing to be open, honest and committed to the treatment process, you’ll learn some important truths about your addiction. Those truths will serve you well as you learn how to cope better with the personal triggers that create within you a desire to self-medicate your problems away.

After completing treatment, it’s important that you keep aftercare options close to you. After doing all the hard work to establish sobriety, you don’t want relapses to take you back down your addiction hole.

How Does a Florida Recovery Center Structure Their Daily Programs?

At this point, you might find information about the daily routine you are likely to encounter useful. Remember, the purpose of treatment is to get you back into the normal flow of living life without depending on drugs or alcohol.

Your day would start with a nutritious breakfast. During treatment, you might soon realize that the rehab facility’s staff is going to teach you the importance of living a well-balanced life that includes taking care of your body and mind. After breakfast, you most likely would head off for your first therapy session of the day.

Therapy could take one of three forms:

  • Individual therapy (dealing with personal issues that drive your addiction)
  • Group therapy (learning to work with others and build recovery support resources)
  • Family therapy (mending family relationships and developing support resources)

After a couple of different therapy sessions, you might get a little “me time” before lunch. After lunch, it’s back into therapy. At some point during the day, it’s possible you would be asked to participate in some type of life skills workshop. Again, treatment is about reestablishing balance in your life.

Around mid afternoon, you would likely get time to wind down a little and enjoy recreational activities with the other clients. The available recreational options would have a lot to do with the level of rehab you decided to choose. At the more expensive end of the spectrum, you might get to go sailing, horseback riding, take hikes or swim in a pool or lake.

After cleaning up for dinner and enjoying a group meal, the early evening is usually reserved for 12 Step meetings or group interaction. As the evening winds down, you might watch a little TV or listen to music before going to bed. The next day, the entire process would start all over again.

It’s important that you recognize the way treatment tries to bring structure back into your life. That’s something we are proud to offer to all of our clients. If you are ready to deal with your addiction issues, you can start the process by calling us at 772-266-5320. During that first call, we would be glad to answer your questions and tell you more about our treatment services.

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