How Does Online Aftercare Work?

When you start treatment for an addiction, remember that going through the program is a process that involves different stages. Once you finish the initial treatment program, you’ll typically be advised to continue in an aftercare program. For example, upon the completion of inpatient treatment, clients are often encouraged to attend an outpatient program. You may have the opportunity to enroll in online aftercare, which can invite questions about how this program might work.

All About Online Aftercare

While you ultimately have to pick the program that’s right for you, learning more about both types of aftercare, both in-person and virtual, can help you to make an informed decision. You should review the following information about online aftercare:

  • virtual and hybrid programs
  • how online aftercare works
  • who can participate
  • what the benefits are

Virtual and Hybrid Programs

When you’re considering online aftercare, you’ll need to find out if the programs are hybrid or entirely virtual. Then, you’ll have to decide which option is better for your needs. A totally virtual program will take place entirely online, and you won’t have any in-person interaction with the staff members or the other clients. A hybrid program means that some components take place online and others happen in person. This structure could play out in a few ways. Some programs will have specific days or time periods dedicated to online aftercare. For example, the treatment program might go virtual during particularly hot or cold seasons.

The aftercare program could also be online on set days of the week or month. Then, the rest of the program will take place in person. Another possibility is that certain elements of the treatment program will occur online. Individual counseling sessions could take place online, and group counseling meetings could occur in person. This approach might be employed to protect the privacy of all participants. Some programs may be largely in-person with the option for members to virtually join in the event of illness or injury.

How Online Aftercare Works

An online aftercare program will function similarly to an in-person program in many ways. You can still participate in the same type of activities and have access to the same resources as individuals who are getting aftercare in person. Online aftercare will likely involve virtual meetings during which you have live conversations with your counselor through a designated platform.

Also, virtual group meetings may be a part of the aftercare program. However, the staff members will need to have protection in place to ensure privacy. Speak with a counselor to find out how the team works to ensure that clients’ relatives or friends are not listening to or watching the meetings. Online aftercare can also involve a robust platform of virtual resources.

Who Can Participate

Any person combatting an addiction could potentially be a candidate for online aftercare. In order to find out if this program is the right fit for you, speak with your counselor. If you have a high-speed internet connection and a private place at home to use, this type of program could work well. Online aftercare could also be a suitable option if you want to return home but also wish to continue treatment with the same facility. For example, you might have gone to an inpatient center across the country. Virtual aftercare can allow you to continue working with the same specialists. Online aftercare may not be the right fit if you don’t like virtual programs or if you don’t have a private space at home.

The Benefits

Online aftercare can motivate you to continue on your journey. You don’t have to worry about driving through traffic or bad weather conditions to get to treatment. Also, choosing an online program can be more manageable with a busy work or school schedule. Further, you can still get all of the same benefits that you would if you were enrolled in an in-person aftercare program. Online aftercare can make treatment simpler and more accessible for you, and many people are candidates. To find out if this program is the right fit, speak to a caring specialist by calling 772-266-5320.

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