How Is a Family Treatment Center Structured Differently from Individual Treatment Facilities?

It’s time to congratulate yourself if you have chosen to attend a family treatment center and get the help that you need! Rehab can be difficult but so very worth it, so make sure you know exactly what you are getting into before you head on in. The fear of the unknown can be a big deterrent when you are an addict, even when you know that you need some professional help.

You probably have several questions you would like to have answered before you go. Don’t worry- this is perfectly normal. One question you are having is this- how is a family treatment center structured differently from individual treatment facilities? To learn the answer to this and more, read on.

Individual Treatment Facilities

Addiction does not just affect the individual who is struggling with it. It also affects your family members, friends, co-workers, and significant others. When you need help, an individual treatment center will provide you with everything you need to get on the path to sobriety. However, many rehab centers are geared more for the individual themselves and not their families. If you check into this type of rehab, you will have weeks to work on your sobriety away from your family.

Individual treatment centers will typically allow you to talk to your family once you are through detox and feeling better. Within a couple of weeks, you may even be given the chance to bring family members in for family therapy sessions with your counselor. However, your treatment will focus mostly on you and your needs, not the needs of your family. While this is still an effective treatment plan, it is often not enough for some addicts. That is because family involvement is a very important part of the recovery process.

Family Treatment Facilities

Many rehab centers recognize that their patients require mental health programs as well as addiction recovery programs. A family treatment facility will want to involve the family of the patient as much as possible during the recovery process. This is especially true when the addict is a parent to young children who have been greatly affected by the behavior of the addict. Children will be given the chance to speak with their parents in a quiet, controlled setting. It may also be the first time they get to see you if you were arrested for a crime while under the influence and put in jail. It’s also the first step when you’re ready to mend what you have broken.

A family treatment center will allow you to keep in close contact with your family during your entire stay. Family therapy sessions will be a big part of your treatment plan from the very start. If you attend a family treatment center, you’ll speak with your therapist about your relationships and how your addictions have affected your family members and children. Your therapist will help you come up with a plan to bring your family back into your life so that you have the support and love you need.

Family Support- A Vital Part of Recovery

Family support is one of the most vital parts of recovery for all addicts. While addiction often rips families apart, the right treatment center can help everyone get back on track. While it won’t be an easy or quick fix, mending the family unit begins in recovery. Family therapy sessions will be a huge part of the rehab process when you attend this type of facility. Each side will be given the chance to air their grievances with one another. You’ll also work on your communication skills together. This is the best time to talk to one another as you will have an impartial party to help you navigate the waters. Your therapist will help you and your family learn how to work with one another every step of the way.

You’ll also have the opportunity to set up additional family therapy sessions to attend once you have graduated from rehab. Everyone needs to keep going to therapy, especially children. While it may take longer than you would like, family therapy is the best way to get your family back to the way it used to be.

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