How long does it take to get addicted to Suboxone?

Drug use can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or background. There are dozens of reasons why you might have started using alcohol or drugs in the past. It may have started with just a drink here and there to relax or a pain pill because of chronic back problems. Soon, you find you are drinking more and more or taking higher doses of opioids to try and achieve the same feelings of euphoria. Maybe you were with friends who pressured you into doing drugs, or maybe you were stressed out over your hectic workload and turned to something for comfort. Whatever the reason and whichever stage of addiction you are in right now, it is important to take a look at yourself. It’s time to get the help that you need.

When you are in detox, you may be given medication to help ease any withdrawal symptoms you have. One of the more popular medications is known as Suboxone. While this medication can help you feel both physically and mentally better during detox, it does have addictive tendencies of its own. How long does it take to get addicted to Suboxone? Read on to learn more.

Why is Suboxone Prescribed?

The withdrawal feelings you will experience when you are going through detox can be anywhere from mild to severe, depending on your level of drug use. Suboxone is used to treat dependency on certain prescription and street drugs, such as heroin and opioids. This medication is typically administered by a physician once a day during rehab. It’s also given daily to patients in recovery. The physician will prescribe a suitable dose for every individual they see.

Suboxone is considered safe and effective as long as it is used as prescribed. Suboxone can do the following:

• Help with possible overdoses
• Reduce withdrawal symptoms
• Reduce physical cravings
• Misuse is less of an issue

When you check into a rehab facility, you will speak with the doctors and staff about your addiction. The medical staff will put together a plan that typically includes medically-monitored detox services. If your doctor believes you need help with the withdrawal symptoms, he or she will prescribe Suboxone. You’ll be closely monitored during your rehab program to make sure your symptoms are as mild as possible.

Addiction to Suboxone

In most cases, the risk of Suboxone addiction is significantly less than opioid addiction. One reason is that Suboxone is not as sedative as other drugs, so you will be less likely to experience intense cravings while on it. However, Suboxone addiction is still a real possibility for millions of recovering addicts. In many cases, Suboxone is obtained on the street by those looking to find relief from severe withdrawal symptoms. Without a prescription, many men and women begin using more and more Suboxone to keep these symptoms away.

How quickly an individual can get addicted to Suboxone will depend on a few factors. This includes the following:

• Weight
• Age
• Tolerance
• Severity of past drug use

It’s important to ask a doctor to prescribe Suboxone if you are trying to overcome an addiction to opioids or another substance. Addiction can happen in just a couple of weeks for some patients while taking months for others. An addiction specialist will make sure you are taking the right amount for the right length of time.

Suboxone Side Effects

As with any drug, there are risks of side effects for those taking Suboxone. Most are not life-threatening and will subside in a few days. These include:

• Anxiety or depression
• Headaches
• Insomnia or fatigue
• Fever
• Nausea
• Sweating
• Muscle aches

Suboxone is one of the best medications for opioid withdrawal, but you must use it responsibly if you wish to avoid addiction. It can be dangerous to take it without being under the care of a qualified physician. Taking it too often and in very large doses is considered abuse. Instead, reach out to the professionals concerning your addiction. A doctor will be able to prescribe the right dosage for your needs while monitoring your health and well-being.

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