How many times can you go to rehab?

You’ve been battling addiction for a long time. You’re tired. You thought you beat it when you successfully completed rehab for thirty days. You were on the right track when the source of your addiction sucked you back in. You’re not alone. Addiction is considered an illness. It isn’t something that will magically go away on the first try. It’s going to take a lifetime of effort. Relapses are common. You can’t give up. If you are struggling, it’s time to consider treatment again.

You can’t help but ask yourself how many times can you go to rehab? Most people need to go to an addiction recovery program more than once. Many will seek treatment at least twice to stay on the road to recovery. Some may return as many as five times. In the end, there is no set number of times anyone can seek rehab. It’s a personal decision. It all depends on you, your circumstances, and where you are when it comes to the source of your addiction. If you find yourself falling into old habits, unable to stop using the source of your addiction, you need to seek help.

Addiction Recovery is a Journey, Not a Destination

Far too many victims of addiction think rehab will be the quick fix for their lives. They feel strong as they complete their treatment in a rehab facility. They are confident they can resist substance abuse. However, it’s much harder than it may seem to avoid negative situations, deal with pressure, and turn away from bad influences.

Staying away from the source of addiction is going to be one of the hardest things you ever do. You will need to:

  • Stay the course
  • Use strategies that will help you to deal with pressure in a positive way
  • Remove yourself from people or situations that could lead to substance abuse
  • Talk to a mentor
  • Go to support groups
  • Open up if you are struggling

You can’t think of addiction recovery as a done deal after rehab. You will need to be vigilant for the rest of your life. There may be times when you feel like it is getting easier, especially if you have refrained from substance abuse for an extended period of time. Don’t get overly confident. A major obstacle in life could send you spiraling back to where you started.

Don’t beat yourself up if this happens. Reach out for help. You may need to go back several times for rehab. Your addiction recovery team is at the ready. They will not judge or criticize you. They have one mission in life. They want to help you to improve yours by overcoming your addiction. Each time that you return for treatment, you will be carefully evaluated. Your treatment plan will be adjusted to suit your needs. The length of treatment will depend on you, your insurance, and your finances.

A Longer Rehab Plan May Have a Greater Impact

Most people come in for rehab for 30 days as an average length of treatment plan. This is what is typically covered by insurance companies. In some cases, you may only be covered for 21 days. Thirty days is not enough time to change your life. It only provides you with a place to start. You’ll be clean, cut off from the source of your addiction for that period of time. You’ll be given tools to help you to fight your addiction when you walk out the door. Your willpower may not be strong enough after such a short treatment plan.

If you return more than once for rehab, your recovery professionals may recommend a longer stay. The more time you spend concentrating on getting better, the more likely your rehab plan will work. Finances are always a concern when it comes to paying for rehab. As you consider the costs, remember that you can’t put a price tag on life. If a rehab facility can help you to move forward, it will be worth the returns. You have options available to make it more affordable to you. Talk to your insurance company and the rehab facility to learn about your alternatives. You may be able to get on a payment plan that will cut your costs down to size. Your priority needs to be getting better.

Let us help you to find a rehab program that is right for you. Contact our counselors today at 772-266-5320. We’ll help you to get on the path to wellness together.

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