How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Suffering from a substance abuse disorder can be agonizing. It is not uncommon for someone engulfed by an addiction to feel like there is no hope. This is not true. There is a way out. The way to overcome an addiction is through recovery. Usually, recovery begins with treatment.

However, typically treatment is not free. While there are low-cost addiction recovery programs, most treatment facilities have fees. So, how much does drug rehab cost? Let’s take a look at a few considerations to help you understand this question.

Treatment Program Differences

The cost of a treatment program is based on certain considerations. One is the difference between residential or inpatient treatment. There are also various outpatient programs. Obviously, an inpatient program is going to require boarding cost considerations.

Outpatient programs vary in their costs as well. The primary difference between two popular options is state-funded programs and private outpatient treatment. State-funded programs are almost always less costly, even free in certain circumstances.

Inpatient treatment facilities are first separated using the same criteria. There are a state-funded residential drug rehabs and private treatment facilities. The same general difference in cost applies here as well. Some state-funded rehabs are low-cost, possibly free, if you qualify.

However, these two differences divide treatment facilities into two very general categories. There are other considerations you should understand before making a final decision. Keep in mind, an old adage that you often get what you pay for applies here as well.

Drug Rehab Program Cost Considerations

The actual cost of each of the previously mentioned programs can differ dramatically. Again, state-funded programs cost less, and outpatient costs less than residential. However, the range of costs is wide. Let’s look at some considerations involved in drug rehab costs.

Outpatient treatment is usually about half as much as inpatient. That’s the first criteria to discuss with a professional addiction specialist. Your situation may safely benefit from an outpatient program. If not, you must consider inpatient options.

Your life may depend on the difference. Since most state-funded, low-cost treatment programs are extremely crowded, we’ll explore some cost considerations for private facilities. The range of prices can be wide. Here are a few programs that will help determine this cost.

Privacy and Comfort – One detractor from many state-funded facilities is privacy and comfort. These drug rehabs are commonly crowded with more than one client per room. Private treatment facilities can offer much more in this area.

Private treatment facilities, with costs ranging from $3,000 to $5,000, will not offer the same level of privacy and comfort as rehab centers labeled as luxury. These higher-cost treatment facilities can cost as much as $20,000.

Programs and Diversity of Care – This is another aspect of your treatment program that must be considered using the advice of a professional. Many substance abuse sufferers can develop a sufficient foundation for recovery through low-cost programs.

However, addiction is commonly but a symptom of underlying conditions. It’s these mental health challenges that drive your addiction. They can also trigger a dangerous relapse if not addressed adequately.

Co-occurring conditions are an inherent part of addiction. Specialized therapy referred to as dual-diagnosis can be an important tool in successful recovery. Private treatment facilities commonly employ a staff of specialized counselors to address these important issues.

Activities and Special Programs – A final area that will create a difference in the cost of your treatment experience involves activities and special programs. Lower cost drug rehabs, those in the $3,000 range, will offer only basic features.

There is nothing wrong with a treatment program that does not offer a wide variety of extra activities, as long as it has a focused priority on recovery. However, private residential facilities will frequently provide a number of engaging activities and special programs.

Some treatment facilities have a staff of professionals who are trained to incorporate certain engaging activities into your treatment. These can include such activities as art or music therapy. Many private facilities provide fitness facilities, including recreation areas.

The priority focus of every treatment experience must be on your number one goal. That goal is to establish a foundation for living clean and sober. Additional activities and special programs are outstanding, as long as priority number one remains recovery.

The first thing you must do, if you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is to seek help. This is a critical first step towards recovery. As you explore your treatment options with an addiction specialist, you can discuss key differences in treatment programs.

You are going to find that treatment program costs vary. One important thing to remember is continuing down the pathway of addiction could have serious consequences. The ultimate consequence could be your life.

When you’re considering the cost of treatment, do not fail to remember this. Whatever the price of treatment, it’s worth every penny if it saves your life. Make the call today to seek help, because tomorrow might be too late. Call us at 302-842-2390.

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