How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost

The cost of addiction treatment varies significantly from one rehab to the next. In some places, the treatment is entirely free to the addicts. In other recoveries, patients pay more than a thousand dollars per day to get treatment. Regardless of your budget, there will always be a clinic where you can walk in and receive the necessary addiction therapy. In this guide, we are going to be talking about the cost of addiction treatment programs.

Treatment options and their associated costs

The treatment you receive shapes and defines your recovery journey. Each clinic has its treatment plans for different addictions. Here are the popular treatment options offered in Northeastern U.S. states like Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey.

Inpatient Rehab

Patients pay anywhere from $6000 to $20,000 to check in to these inpatient rehabs. The programs typically run for 30 days. The longer the patient stays at the rehab center, the more the costs. Some end up paying $60,000 for the 90-day recovery programs.


Detox centers often charge around $1000 to admit addicts. The treatment cost is determined by the severity of addiction and the type of drug the patient is addicted to. Patients hooked on hardcore drugs need special care and monitoring. The costs of detoxing a heroin addict can quickly shoot to $1500.

Outpatient Rehabs

These relatively cheaper rehab centers are ideal for moderate addictions. The base treatment costs start at around $5000. The program runs for 90 days. It is not uncommon to find some outpatient rehabs charging up to $10,000 for these addiction recovery therapies.


Patients pay more if they require medications on top of regular rehab admissions. If the addict needs drugs to control the withdrawal pains, the treatment cost rises. For instance, a heroin addict pays up to $5000 extra to receive methadone treatment.

Paying for Rehab

Most, if not all, of the accredited rehab centers, accept payments via insurance. Different insurers have different terms and conditions for rehab treatments. In additi on, most rehab centers provide financial assistance to their patients. The top insurance schemes that cover addiction treatments include:

  • Private insurance
  • Medicare or Medicaid
  • State health insurance
  • Military insurance

Free and Low-Income Clinics

For addicts that don’t have insurance, there’s the option of free rehabs. Nonprofits like the Salvation Army mainly run these. Alternatively, an uninsured person can look for low-income rehabs that provide financing options. Limited funding and long waiting queues discourage many people from using free rehabs.

Treatments Received

Patients hooked to dangerous substances like cocaine require a lot of care. The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine can be quite severe. That is as opposed to patients who are in rehab for marijuana addictions. The latter patients only need some separation from their enablers.

Amenities Provided

Rehab centers always charge for their amenities. The patients pay for swimming pools, chef services, massages, tennis courts, and acupuncture if provided. These luxury amenities can very easily cause your price tag to soar into thousands of dollars per month.

Rehabilitation program type

There is a marked difference in the prices of different rehab centers. Inpatient programs are always costlier than detox or outpatient addiction treatment programs. Inpatient programs charge for their services as they offer both accommodation and medication to recovering addicts.


A program that lasts three months costs less than a 90-day rehab program. The duration of treatment influences the cost. The location of the rehab is yet another essential consideration. Clinics in states with high living standards, like California, cost more than clinics in rural Northeast U.S. states like Ohio and Delaware.

The Importance of Rehabilitation

Many addicts, especially those who don’t have insurance, worry about taking on debt to treat their addictions. What these people forget is that treating your alcoholism or substance addiction is a life-long investment that will most certainly pay off in the future. Kick addiction out of your life and enjoy better relationships. Stop drinking and become a healthier version of yourself. There is no shame in accepting that you have a weakness. After all, the first step towards addiction treatment is acceptance. Then, it would be best if you had strong willpower to help you overcome the tough battle ahead.

Bottom Line

If you have decided to turn a new leaf and do away with heroin, alcohol, or any other addictive substance, contact your local treatment provider to go over rehab treatment and financing options. Call us today at 772-266-5320 to speak to a counselor.

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