How Much Family Therapy Is Integrated into Palm Beach Rehab Centers?

The decision to look into rehab is one that you should be proud of. After all, it isn’t easy for many people to admit that they have a legitimate problem that they need to take care of! You’ll need to set time aside to go to rehab, which can be challenging in itself. However, this is a choice you will be happy you made in the long run-we can basically guarantee it!

Of course, it is normal to wonder what will happen during your stay in rehab. Are you wondering just how much family therapy is integrated into Palm Beach rehab centers? If so, this is an excellent question! Let’s read on to learn more about rehab and what you can expect in terms of therapy.

Therapy while you are in rehab- what can you expect?

There are a few different therapy sessions you can expect to attend when you are going to a rehab center in Palm Beach. These are: private, group, and family sessions. Let’s begin by examining each one in a little more detail.

Private Therapy Sessions

Private therapy sessions are the best place to really open up and explore all of your feelings and frustrations. You’ll have many chances to sit and talk to a qualified therapist about your addiction, as well as any underlying problems you may be dealing with. If you have any type of mental health problem, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, or ADHD, you’ll speak with your private therapist about them as well. This is known as a “dual diagnosis” and can be very important to your sobriety. Your therapist will help you learn ways to cope with your problems that do not involve drugs or alcohol. You’ll talk about your triggers and how to either avoid them in the future or how to deal with them when you can’t.

Group Therapy Sessions

Being in rehab means attending group therapy sessions. While many patients balk at the idea of talking to strangers, group therapy is a highly recommended activity for addicts. It’s a chance to talk with others who are dealing with the same type of struggle. During addiction, it isn’t uncommon to feel as though you are all alone in your struggles. Talking to others who are going through the same problems as you are will help you feel better. You’ll have a chance to bond with like-minded individuals who are struggling with similar issues.

Family Therapy Sessions

Most rehab centers do offer family therapy sessions during an inpatient or outpatient stay. Depending on the center and the individual, it may be weeks before your family is allowed to visit, let alone stay for therapy. The first part of rehab will focus on private and group therapy. It’s also a time for you to get 100% clean if you are in active withdrawals when you check in. Once you are in a clearer state of mind, your therapist will possibly recommend family therapy.

Family therapy sessions are done with a counselor or therapist in the room to lead the conversation. For many patients, family therapy is a very important part of rehab. That is because addiction can put a major strain on family relationships. If young children are part of the equation, they may be asked to join in as well. Your counselor will help everyone talk calmly together about the progress you have made so far and your plans for the future. They will help you learn how you can communicate better now that you are sober and how to talk with one another in the future.

Mending Family Fences

Family therapy sessions are important for any addict who needs to mend family ties or who simply needs to learn how to communicate better with their loved ones. Your therapist will also recommend family therapy sessions after you are through with your rehabilitation. This is a time to be as open and honest as you can with the people you love. Family support is something that every addict needs during recovery and beyond, so make sure you take this time as seriously as it is meant to be. Your future is bright, especially when you have the love and support of family members who want the best for you.

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