How To Detox From Heroin

There is nothing redeeming about having an addiction to heroin. Given enough time, heroin will destroy everyone that with which it comes in contact. If you have been using or abusing heroin, you need to accept this as fact. No matter how far you have fallen into your heroin addiction, there is always a way back to sanity. That way back is through the front door of a top rehab center like ours. To get the help you need, you first need to be willing to accept the fact you have an addiction issue.

Once you are willing to take that first step, the next step would be finally reaching out for help. Depending on the depth of your addiction, you will have a bit of a hill to climb. Do not fret. You can get past your addiction if you really commit to the treatment process. It has worked well for millions of heroin addicts who came before you. If you have any concerns over what you will be facing in treatment, you might be able to benefit from a little preview of what to expect. With that in mind, we would like to offer you some insight as motivation to get you ready for the heroin addiction treatment process.

The Heroin Addiction Treatment Process With a Focus on Detox

The heroin addiction treatment process encompasses three steps. The first step is detox. After detoxing, it’s on to therapy and a journey of self-discovery. When treatment has concluded, there would be aftercare options available to help you stay squarely on the path of addiction recovery. We will look at the first two steps with a focus on the detox process.

How to Detox From Heroin

You can always try to detox from heroin on your own. However, that could end up being a huge mistake. Heroin is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Any attempt for someone to stop using will usually be met with some really harsh withdrawal symptoms. The most common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Blood pressure and heart rate escalation
  • Tremors in the arms and legs
  • Stomach cramping, nausea, and vomiting
  • Hallucinations and bad dreams if able to sleep
  • Body convulsions and loss of body control
  • Significant issues with concentration

Any one of these symptoms could result in the need for emergency care. That is why self detoxing is not recommended. Instead, heroin addicts would be far better off going through a medical detox program. Treatment professionals have developed these programs to help clients get through their withdrawal symptoms with minimal pain and discomfort issues. If things start going south, there would be medical staff members standing by to offer relief medications. As for the time involved with heroin withdraw, you could expect the process to last about seven days. If by chance your addiction is severe, you might have to go through a suboxone tapering program that could last several weeks. The point is you would need to do what is necessary to clear your head and body enough to endure the rigors of therapy.

The Therapy Portion of Treatment

After going through a detox program, you would start working with therapists to address the causes of your addiction. Yes, there are reasons why you fell into the cycle of addiction. If you want a realistic chance of recovery, you need to figure out what has been driving your desire to hide in an addiction to a very dangerous drug. When you get the answers you need, you would then have the basis for creating ways to protect yourself from relapses in the future. For most people, the best solution is a better set of coping skills.

When people have the capacity to work around temptation and their triggers, they have the kind of defense system it takes to maintain sobriety. At the end of the day, that is what you are going to want from treatment. With a basic knowledge of what to expect from treatment, we hope this motivates you to call us for help. You can reach one of our representatives by calling 772-266-5320. When you do call, they will be happy to provide you with information related to the facility and our treatment options. Putting everything else aside, this is the only real chance you will have to beat your heroin addiction problem. Call us now.

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