How To Help A Drug Addict

If someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, we know how difficult it is to watch them fall. No one wants to witness someone they care about deal with addiction every single day. You’re likely hurt, tired, mad, sad, and everything in-between. You want to help them, but you don’t know what to do. With so many emotions flying around, your daily life has become more stressful than you would have ever thought it could. We’re here to give you the assistance you need during this difficult time. When you are trying to help someone dealing with drug addiction, read on to learn more.

Understand why they use drugs

While no one can pinpoint why addiction occurs, it can help your relationship if you understand the many reasons for drug use. One of the biggest causes is physical pain. Many men and women start taking prescribed medications for different types of pain. Unfortunately, it’s easy to become dependent on prescription painkillers, especially when a person begins taking more than they are prescribed.

Another reason your loved one may have turned to drugs is because of a mental health condition. Major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses often trigger drug use. Some addicts turn to drugs out of boredom or stress. There is also research showing that addiction runs in families. Whatever the reason, try to understand that your loved one didn’t start out to become an addict. Looking at their issue from a place of compassion will help you approach them calmly.

How to talk to your loved one

It’s important to stay calm when you approach the subject of drug abuse. Yes, you are mad and upset with the addict. But you won’t get anywhere if you yell and scream and cry. Instead, approach them with love and concern. Talk to them when they are sober, if possible. Don’t accuse or berate them about their drug use. Chances are, they already feel bad enough about what they are doing. They need to know that you love them and are there to help.

Approach them with an open mind and a listening ear. Let them know that you are willing to listen to their side of the story. Knowing that you are there for them without judgment will help them open up about their drug use. Don’t wait until you think they have hit rock bottom to talk to them, as this may be too late. The quicker an addiction is caught and addressed, the better.

Don’t expect immediate results

Chances are, your loved one will not react well to your concern. They may deny it, fight with you, or simply refuse to talk about it. It’s important to understand that it may take weeks or even months for them to come to their senses and listen to you. You must be realistic in your expectations. Long-term recovery options will work, but they will never be a quick, easy fix for the situation. Even if your loved one does accept that they need help for their addiction, some types of treatments will work while others won’t. It’s difficult, but you must be as patient as possible when dealing with addiction.

Don’t be scared to ask for help

Unfortunately, many addicts will not listen to their friends and family members. There may come a time when asking for professional help will be your best bet. Talk to your local rehab about staging an intervention. They will provide you with a licensed addiction specialist who can speak with friends and family members before the intervention about what to expect. They will also spearhead the event, a plus when you need someone who isn’t emotionally involved.

It’s also crucial to get help for yourself. Look into therapy or counseling options for you and anyone else who needs to take care of themselves. Addiction can destroy families and cause a lot of emotional damage. It affects everyone in different ways. When you are in over your head, getting professional help will help you learn how to deal with the addict in your life. Look for Al-Anon meetings in your area or talk to an addiction specialist.

We can help your loved one

When your loved one decides that they do need help, we’re here to provide it for them. From detox services to therapy sessions to holistic treatments, our rehab facility will help your loved one take that all-important first step to a sober lifestyle. Give us a call today at 772-266-5320 when you need assistance. We’re here for you and the one that you love.

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