How to stop drinking?

Drinking is not only an addiction but is jeopardizing as it has major health hazards associated. It can progressively degenerate your body organs in many ways and can also be referred to as a silent killer for your body. However, you can stop drinking and progressively overcome addiction, but the question is how to stop drinking? Initially, drinking might not seem unhealthy or dangerous to you as it promotes a feeling of well-being and fun, naturally. However, it can cause addiction later on and turn symptomatic with deadly symptoms.

Effects of Drinking On Your Body

Drinking has many effects associated with your body. The majority of the results are negative ones except for inducing alertness and inducing a feeling of well-being, pleasure and fun.

Behavioral Changes

Behavioral changes are one of the significant changes observed when you start drinking. Drinking causes a sense of joy and elation, but at the same time, it can cause confusion, loss of clarity and even hallucinations in severe cases. Of course, it can have long term modifications that include antisocial behavior, anxiety, and other issues.

Digestive and Endocrine Change

Drinking can cause digestive and endocrine changes; it causes an increase in the secretion of gastric enzymes. More than the required volume of enzymes then accumulate, leading to pancreatitis and gallbladder inflammation.

Sugar Level Modifications

The pancreas regulates the body’s insulin levels; however, when the pancreas is not functioning properly, you might develop the risk of hypoglycemia. In addition to this, damaged pancreas may also fail to secrete insulin, causing hyperglycemic conditions in the body.

Central Nervous System Changes

Most notable changes in drinking alcohol are observed in the central nervous system. Alcohol causes slurred speech and diminishes the communication between your brain and body. Moreover, it also damages the frontal lobe of your brain and induces cognitive changes in the body too. Chronic and severe alcohol abuse can also cause Wernicke-Korasakoff syndrome. It is a brain disorder that directly affects your memory.

How To Stop Drinking

Drinking is considered a social activity in events, but it is also considered a solution to overcome stress, depression, anxiety and many other psychotic disorders. However, you can still stop drinking and overcome addiction. Here are ways you can stop drinking.

Choose Alcohol Free Days

It is surely difficult for a drinker to stop drinking. However, you can stop drinking by progressing to reduce the volume of alcohol you drink. Reducing the volume of alcohol gradually is one of the most effective ways to stop drinking. To reduce the amount of alcohol your drink, plan by assigning alcohol-free days throughout the week. By skipping alcohol two or three days per week, you will feel physically and emotionally better. In addition, increase these alcohol-free days gradually, and you will overcome your drinking habits.

Write Down Your Goals

List your goals in writing. Make sure to list all the reasons why you want to stop drinking. The reasons can vary; for some, stopping drinking can be a way to feel happy, while for others, reason can be health and improving relationships.

Don’t Let Peer Pressure Dominate You

In western societies, usually, the cause of alcohol drinking and drug abuse is peer pressure among teenagers. Learn and practice ways to say no to your friends; if necessary, state reasons for your no. It is not mandatory to accept every drink at a party. In addition, you are not obligated to explain to each of your friends.

Modify Your Routine

Most people drink at specific times of the day. People usually go out for a drink at night or in the evenings. You can stop drinking by doing something else during this time. The best thing you can do is get out of your home for a fun activity like walking, going for a get-together with friends, reading, cooking, and doing meditation. Conclusively, one can surely overcome drinking or alcoholism in various ways, but the key is consistency. Although withdrawal symptoms are obvious, there are many ways, such as meditation and therapy, to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Overcoming drinking addiction takes time, even if you opt for treatment, therapy or common ways to stop drinking. Identify your negative thoughts and curb them with positive ones. There are different ways for everyone to substitute negative thoughts with positive ones but remember that it is not impossible. Get ready to overcome your drinking habit by “remembering, replacing and re-engaging.” Remember your goal, replace your habits and re-engage with positive thoughts. If you are looking for help, reach out to us today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call us at 302-842-2390.

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