How Will a Delaware Drug Rehab Assess Your Needs When Making a Treatment Plan?

When you are headed for a drug rehab center, you already know that they will put together a treatment plan once you are there. You may be wondering just how they will do it and what you should expect. How will a Delaware drug rehab assess your needs when making a treatment plan? Will they make sure you are getting the right treatment? Read on to learn more.

The Intake Process

To answer this question, let’s first look at the intake process. This is where many of the decisions will be made concerning your ongoing treatment. You’ll speak with the counselors and therapists who will be looking over your treatment as well as the doctors who will be monitoring you. Being 100% open and honest about why you are there is extremely important in this phase. Remember, no one expects you to come to rehab already sober. Even if you used in the car before you came through the doors, let them know.

The rehab staff will write up a detailed report concerning your situation and your needs. Their comprehensive evaluation will help them assess exactly what you need while you are a patient. They’ll figure out what your immediate needs are as well as long-term goals. In most cases, detox will be the main priority the day you check-in.

You’ll talk to the staff candidly about your drug and alcohol use during the intake process. This will include what you have been using, how long you have used each drug, and the severity of your addiction. The staff will use this information to form a treatment plan that works for you.

Dual Diagnosis

Rehab centers do more than just treat patients for drug and alcohol abuse. They are also there to help with underlying mental health conditions that often exacerbate an addiction. You’ll speak with staff about any issues you have that could be making your addiction worse, such as bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. The staff needs to know exactly what you are dealing with as well as any prescribed medications you are taking for your problem.

This assessment is known as a dual diagnosis. The doctors and staff will develop a plan for you that includes special treatment for your mental health problem. For example, if you suffer from anxiety and depression, you’ll have the chance to talk about it during therapy. Rehabs typically offer behavioral therapy, a type of treatment plan that seeks to identify unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors in a person. The plan works on the idea that every behavior is learned and that you can change your unhealthy behaviors over time.


The doctors and staff will make sure you are taken care of while you are detoxing from the drugs or alcohol in your system. They will make sure they put together a treatment plan that is specific to what you have been taking. For example, some patients may only need to be monitored for mild withdrawal symptoms while others may need to be given medication to deal with the pain and discomfort. While you’ll be carefully assessed for your needs in the beginning, make sure to let your doctor know if there are any changes in how you feel. They made need to re-assess your situation and adjust any medication you may be taken.

Therapy Solutions

Of course, therapy is always an important part of the rehab process. You’ll be involved in three different therapy sessions: group, individual, and family. Group therapy offers you the chance to talk to like-minded men and women who may offer their own unique experiences and insight. You’ll see that you aren’t alone in your struggles and concerns. Individual therapy sessions will be private sessions together with a therapist. You’ll talk about your addiction and any other mental health issues you have during this time. Family therapy is often offered for patients who need to reconnect with family members under close supervision. This is a time for loved ones to air their own grievances while being monitored by a counselor.


Your counselors and doctors will usually assess your aftercare services towards the end of your program. Where you go after rehab will depend on your situation. You may be set up in a sober living home, or you might simply go back home to your family. It’s important to discuss all of your options so that you can pick the best one.

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