Intervention help tips for families dealing with addiction

Family members sometimes become addicted to various substances including drugs, alcohol and even pornography. Depending on the severity of the addiction, some may struggle to control their lives, so they may face serious consequences if they prioritize their addictions. When the addiction becomes debilitating, you and other family members may seek an intervention.

If you believe your loved one needs an intervention to overcome an addiction, you need to prepare for it properly. If you don’t prepare, you may leave a negative impression on your loved one and push him or her further into the addiction. This means you should consider the tips available, so you can help your family member deal with the addiction and overcome it.

Getting Started With the Intervention 

As you plan an intervention, you need to figure out which people you want to attend the meeting. Make sure you avoid choosing people who may argue or cause problems since you need to focus on healing and helping. This means you should choose family members and friends who plan to remain quiet, calm and loving throughout the process.

From there, you can identify the right place to hold the intervention, so you can address the problem effectively. For example, a comfortable area like the living room might work well since everyone can relax in a safe space. You should also make sure you choose a private area, so your loved one doesn’t feel embarrassed during the intervention.

Plan the Intervention Ahead of Time 

As you figure out the details, you should come up with a plan for your approach. For example, you may want to start with statements about your love for the person then follow up with your concerns about the addiction. You should get a general idea of what you want to talk about, the order you should mention each point and how you should go about each part of the intervention.

Planning an intervention may seem strange, but it can help you remember all the details and key points you want to address. On top of this, you can also think about different ideas and find the best one for your loved one. Each intervention needs to be catered to the loved one, so make sure you spend some time figuring out how you want to approach the situation.

Timing Matters

You should also figure out the ideal time to hold the intervention, so you can make it as effective as possible. Identifying the ideal time can assist you in various ways such as the ones listed below.

  • Pick a time when the loved one feels the least amount of stress.
  • Avoid any drama or problems you may face if you choose a poor time.
  • Don’t run into a situation where the loved one might be busy or occupied with something else going on.

If you don’t find the right time for the intervention, your loved one may not take it seriously. On top of that, you may upset your loved one, so he or she may ignore the advice and dive deeper into the addiction. Make sure you pay attention to his or her schedule, so you can figure out an ideal time with minimal interruptions and maximum success.

Always Hold the Intervention With Love

Whenever you decide to hold an intervention, you need to treat it carefully and act in love. This means you should focus on presenting the intervention effectively without causing any heartache or problems for your loved one. For example, you should never raise your voice or get mad during the intervention since doing so can have some negative consequences.

You should also think about your previous experiences and the ways your loved one responds to love. For example, your loved one may appreciate kind words while someone else may want a hug during the conversation. Make sure you get a feel for how your loved one prefers receiving love and respond accordingly to help him or her digest the intervention with minimal issues.

As you apply the right tips, you can help your loved one recognize the severity of the addiction and move past it. This can then help him or her start on the road to recovery, so your loved one can overcome various personal struggles. If you want to help your loved one and seek more information about addiction recovery, you can call us at 772-266-5320.

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