Is Alcohol Treatment in Delaware Effective for People Who’ve Been Drinking Since Their Teens?

Alcohol-related issues are a problem all across the United States. One out of every ten children who still live at home is dealing with a parent with a drinking problem. More than 17 million adults abuse alcohol. It is a significant issue within the country and one that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

Luckily, most individuals who suffer from an alcohol abuse disorder will benefit from rehab and treatment. You may be wondering if alcohol treatment in Delaware is effective for people who have been drinking since their teens. The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at more information regarding the subject.

Alcohol Abuse Signs

There are many signs of alcohol abuse. This condition occurs when a person’s drinking causes harm or distress to themselves or to others. Here are just a few of the signs that could mean you have a problem with alcohol:

• You often end up drinking more or for longer than you wanted to

• You’ve tried to cut down on your drinking but couldn’t

• You crave alcohol often

• You spend a lot of time drinking or hungover

• Your drinking habits are causing problems among your family or friends

• You are having problems at work due to your drinking habits

• You have gotten a DUI charge

• You drink because you feel sad, depressed, anxious, or lonely

• You keep drinking even though it is causing issues with your loved ones

• You have symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t drink for a period of time

If you or someone you love has one or more of the above symptoms, it may be time for rehab. Remember, it is never too late to get help for your alcohol abuse problem.

Alcohol abuse and long-term effects

If you have been drinking since you were a teenager, it is important to get into recovery as soon as possible. Long-term alcohol abuse can negatively impact different areas of your body, specifically the heart, brain, pancreas, and liver. When you indulge in alcohol, you are interfering with the normal function of your brain by disrupting the communication pathways. Not only does this manifest into physical problems, but you may develop other issues over time, such as memory loss.

If you have been drinking for many years, you may suffer from a stroke, high blood pressure, nerve damage, or pancreatitis. However, many life-threatening alcohol complications happen in the liver.

It’s not too late to get help. The quicker you stop, the quicker your body can begin to heal itself as well as it can.

Can rehab help a person who has been drinking since they were a teen?

One of the myths surrounding rehab is that it won’t work for someone who has been drinking a long time. Many addicts think that they are “too far gone” for rehab to work and that they shouldn’t even bother to try. This simply isn’t true. Rehab can help anyone get clean and sober, even a person who started drinking in their young teens.

It is important to get started as soon as you can. Research and find a rehab near you that can get you in as soon as possible. The sooner you give up alcohol for good, the better.

What to expect from rehab

If you are physically addicted to alcohol, it is very important that you do not try to detox on your own. Alcohol withdrawals can be deadly, especially for those who have been drinking for a large portion of their lives. Instead, check into a rehab that offers medically-supervised detox services. You will be carefully monitored while you detox and given medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms. You want to be in a place that cares about your health and well-being.

You should also expect to participate in many different therapy sessions while you are there. If you have been drinking since you were a teenager, you need to learn how to “unlearn” your destructive behaviors. Therapy will help you learn how to cope without alcohol in your life. You’ll also take part in group therapy, where you will have the chance to share your experience with others. You’ll see that you are not alone in your struggles and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us help you with this major step in life

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