Is Alcohol Treatment in Florida Different From Other States?

With the country mired it yet another drug abuse epidemic, the nation’s drug and addiction treatment centers collectively stand as the last line of defense against Armageddon. That might sound a bit over-dramatic, but addiction treatment through rehab stands as the only viable solution for drug addiction issues. While every state surely has its fair share of quality drug rehabs, the state of Florida seems to stand head and shoulders above the other states. That point is supported by the fact many experts refer to Florida as the “rehab capital of the world.” Indeed, people travel from all over the US and the world to get addiction treatment at one of Florida’s top rehab centers. What’s the attraction? That’s an interesting question. Based on the views of experts around the world, here are a few reasons why someone would want to consider getting addiction treatment in Florida over other destinations:

  • Top facilities draw the top addiction treatment professionals in the world
  • Many of Florida’s top rehabs offer innovative and cutting edge treatment options
  • The year-round weather conditions create a pleasant environment for visitors
  • Many of the top addiction treatment centers are located close to beautiful lakes and ocean-front properly. This allows these centers to offer some really nice recreational amenities

For someone who might be contemplating where to get treatment for their addiction, they would most likely be curious. They might want to know whether treatment in a Florida rehab was actually different than treatment provided in other states? To that end, this discussion will point out some difference that might convince someone that Florida is indeed the best place to get addiction treatment.

How is Addiction Treatment Different in Florida?

There’s no denying that seeking addiction treatment closer to home is going to be more convenient. For some people, that’s the only consideration because of finances and personal responsibilities. With that said, treatment in a local rehab center might not always be the best option. One of the biggest problems one encounters when they get treatment at home is the ongoing exposure to the people, places, and things that created and supported the addiction. The simple act of going into rehab might bring an addict face-to-face with people they know from the streets, people who are fellow users and even drug dealers. That doesn’t create the optimum environment for treatment. Sometimes, it’s far better to remove possible negative influences so the patient can focus on nothing but treatment. Before we address how Florida rehabs may differ from rehabs in other states, we must first state that anywhere treatment is available has value. Relocating for treatment should simply be a function of trying to get the best care possible. The experts say that is in Florida. Here are a few reasons why Florida addiction treatment might be better and different.

The Environment

Above, we mentioned the great year-round weather and amenities that are available in Florida. Seldom would anyone find similar advantages in other states? The reason this is an important consideration is that patients often thrive during treatment in a comfortable environment. Residential treatment can create a real strain without some nice recreational opportunities to break up the monotony and stress of therapy. Florida treatment centers offer some of the best recreational amenities in the world.

Quality of Treatment

It’s true that the most talented addiction treatment personnel will tend to migrate towards the best treatment facilities. It gives them the opportunity to work with other talented staff members in creating some really innovative treatment options. The beneficiaries of this level of cooperation are the patients. That’s not to say other states don’t have top treatment specialists. It’s just that Florida has an unusually high concentration of them.


People seeking treatment for addiction often want privacy. They don’t want their family, friends, and co-workers knowing they have serious issues that require treatment. Florida rehabs receive patients from all over the world. That includes a lot of celebrities and business executives. Because of the privacy needs of its clientele, Florida rehabs already have the safeguards in place to assure everyone gets the highest level of privacy during treatment. This is a foreign concept to many addiction treatment centers in other states. If you would like more information about why our Florida rehab might be your best choice, please give us a call. We’ll be glad to discuss our treatment options and the advantages we can offer. Our number is 772-266-5320.

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