Is Alcoholism More Prevalent In Males Or Females?

Alcoholism is a serious problem. Researchers discovered that, in 2021, more than 15 million Americans suffered from this crippling addiction. That said, many wonder whether the problem has a greater impact on men or women.

Alcoholism Overview

Alcoholism is the most severe stage of what medical professionals and addiction specialists label alcohol use disorder, which is often abbreviated simply as AUD.

Alcoholics grow so dependent upon beverages such as wine, beer, and liquor that they cannot function without it. Their minds and bodies grow so addicted that the slightest sober periods will lead to severe and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, full-blown alcoholics are often unable to hold down a job, manage everyday tasks, or even care for themselves.

Is Alcohol More Prevalent In Men Or Women?

Researchers concluded that men are far more prone to alcoholism than women. Statistics compiled found that men are twice as likely to reach the full-blown alcoholic stage. Furthermore, of the 15 million plus persons in the United States considered alcoholics, almost 10 million were men and a little more than five million were women.

Why Are Men More Likely To Become Alcoholics?

Scientific investigators have uncovered a relationship between an important brain chemical and male alcoholism. When men imbibe, their brains release significant quantities of dopamine.

This chemical controls one’s ability to feel pleasure. Alcohol temporarily relieves physical and emotional pain. Over time, increased dopamine release heightens a user’s desire to feel the impact of alcohol, which forces them to use it with greater frequency and ferocity.

The Impact Of Heavy Alcohol Usage On Men

Over time, alcoholism possesses the capacity to cause serious damage to a man’s physical and mental well-being.

Continued prodigious intake of the chemical has been proven to hinder a man’s sexual and reproductive health, precipitate weight gain, bring forth a host of mental disorders, and possibly result in damage to major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and stomach.

Excessive Alcohol Ingestion’s Impact Upon Women

While women may be less likely to develop full-fledged alcoholism, said subjects still stand at significant risk of experiencing serious repercussions.

Women also face the same health risks faced by men. In addition, researchers have concluded that, since the turn of the century, females between the ages of 25 and 65 have developed a major alcohol-related liver complication known as cirrhosis at an alarming rate.

Alcoholism-Related Complications

Aside from serious health concerns, alcoholism can lead to other significant complications. The problem exercises a negative influence on the economy. Alcoholics cost hundreds of millions of dollars each year in issues such as medical and legal expenses, decreased or lost wages, and lost employment opportunities.

Alcoholics also often face numerous external concerns including family problems resulting from neglecting responsibilities, engaging in reckless, detrimental, or embarrassing behavior, and social isolation.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism may be more evident in men. However, healthcare providers and dependency specialists stress that the only issue any addicted man or woman should be concerned with is overcoming said malady.

In most instances, individuals stricken with alcoholism require swift and aggressive treatment. Typically, such therapy must be administered by professionals, administered in an inpatient setting, and overseen by experienced professionals.

The Addiction Recovery Process

The initial step alcoholics must take is a process called detox. During this undertaking, alcohol is gradually withdrawn from their bodies under strict medical supervision.

Once detox is complete, the healing soul enters inpatient treatment at a recovery center for an extended duration. During this stage, the individual in question will:

  • Undergo counseling
  • Develop coping methods
  • Identify the underlying reasons they started drinking
  • Determine what circumstances caused their problem to spiral out of control

Furthermore, they will receive instruction in identifying productive stress-alleviating activities and life skills designed to help with their transition back into civilian life.

Choosing The Right Facility

Prior to entering an inpatient rehab clinic, recovering alcoholics and their families must consider several factors including:

  • The cost
  • Location
  • If family can visit
  • If the patient holds private health insurance

Above all, the recovering subject must feel comfortable with the facility and its staff members.

Contacting Us

Medical professionals and addiction experts agree on the fact that alcoholism is serious and requires immediate treatment regardless of gender.

Individuals hoping to overcome such demons are implored to contact us. Our central and southern Florida clinics have helped numerous alcoholics address their dependency and recapture their once joyous and fruitful lives. Call us at 772-266-5320.

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