Is an Exclusive Treatment Center Your Best Option?

We’ll be the first ones to admit that every addiction sufferer has a responsibility to seek the best addiction treatment care they can get. There is a correlation between the quality of treatment and the quality of the recipient’s recovery. With that said, the quality of care is not always determined by the monetary cost of treatment. That’s a very poor barometer of what constitutes “the best care possible.”

When an addiction sufferer makes the decision to admit they have a problem and need help, that’s a big deal. These people are to be applauded for finding the courage to admit they have an illness that might not be apparent to others. When they come forward, they should be encouraged to seek the best care possible. If that means temporarily relocating to Florida (rehab capital of the world) for treatment, someone will hopefully encourage them to do that.

For most patients, the cost of addiction treatment is going to be an issue. Even with the requisite healthcare insurance policy in tow, there’s still going to be some monetary hit related to treatment. For the few people who have plentiful resources, the addiction treatment options would likely only be limited by physical or personal restrictions. If you are curious as to whether an exclusive treatment center is your best option, we recommend you keep reading.

What is Exclusive Treatment?

Exclusive treatment might well mean different things to different people. For the sake of this writing, we will assume exclusive treatment refers to a combination that includes a high level of care with luxury amenities.

A drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that identifies itself as an elite or exclusive treatment option often focuses on its environment and amenities to market the facility. There’s nothing wrong with providing residential treatment patients with access to luxury amenities like:

  • Private bathrooms and bedrooms
  • An in-house chef that provides delicious and exquisite meals
  • Access to recreational facilities like a full gym, tennis courts and horseback riding
  • Organized outings to vacation spots
  • Access to spas and swimming pools
  • Access to private cable TV and Wifi, not normally available in most rehabs

These and other amenities are great options from treatment facilities that seek to create as comfortable a living environment as possible. It’s been well-established that comfortable patients are apt to be more receptive to treatment. As long as the quality of treatment is commensurate with the exclusive quality of the facility, this might well be the best treatment option for anyone who can afford it.

However, the cost of something does always equate to the quality of something. Instead of focusing on the exclusivity of the treatment facility, we recommend people consider the following options.

Cost-Effective Treatment

Is it possible that the best treatment option is the one that delivers the strongest recovery at the most cost-effective price? It’s a bit of a trap for someone to believe paying a higher price is going to assure a high quality of treatment. The extra cost is probably going to support those extra amenities.
The nation is filled with very good addiction treatment facilities that operate with standard amenities. These facilities tend to put money into hiring the best addiction treatment talent possible, offering patients a higher quality of counseling and therapy. This might be a better option.

Anticipating Future Costs

Instead of focusing so much money on getting access to an exclusive facility, it might be wise to allocate funds more evenly between getting treatment and preparing for participation in aftercare programs. Regardless of the exclusivity of treatment, the relapse rate stands at around 85% for drug addicts. If someone is having difficulty staying sober, it might be a better idea to pay for access to a quality standard rehab and invest some money in aftercare options like sober living or additional outpatient treatment.

More Realistic Prioritizing

Again, if someone has substantial resources and has no problem affording an exclusive treatment option, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing such an option as long as high quality of treatment is part of the package.

It really comes down to the individual prioritizing what they want from treatment. Hopefully, they want the strongest recovery possible. To that end, the comfort and amenities on parade should be a secondary consideration.

If you are ready to get help with your addiction issues, we can provide that help. We hope our facility will meet your standards because we know the quality of treatment will. For more information, please call us at 772-266-5320.

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