Is Any Rehab Better Than No Rehab?

Drug or alcohol abuse lead to all sorts of personal problems. If you’ve been to jail, you’ll realize that any rehab is better than being in jail. But if you’re going to get professional treatment, you may ask yourself, “Is any rehab better than no rehab?” This answer varies among many people. People have different standards when it comes to deciding which medical facility is good or poor in quality. For a down-and-out addict, it may seem like any rehab is better than nothing. This is not true as you could waste thousands of dollars on treatments, spend months living in a facility and still have the same addiction problems. There are several factors to consider when deciding if a rehab center is worth going to or not.

Some Professionals Are Not Licensed / Qualified

To receive the best treatments, you need help from licensed medical professionals, such as board certified doctors, licensed nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, etc. They have proven that they’ve completed advanced courses and exams in medicine. Every year, they are required to continue their education in order to retain their licenses. Unlicensed professionals may be qualified to perform their jobs, but they have not proven their expertise. When you receive treatment in a rehab center, you have to ensure that you’re not getting the wrong medical diagnoses, medications or therapies for your addiction problem.

Some Rehab Centers Kick People Out

Like people, rehab facilities react differently to their most troublesome clients. Some places will kick people out for violating their rules while others will not. The reasons for dismissing clients vary, such as:

  • Testing positive for drugs
  • Refusing treatments
  • Fighting other residents
  • Violating curfews

These could be reasons for an automatic dismissal at one facility but not at another. Being unhygienic or committing acts of self harm are additional problems. It’s common for a facility to enact a warning system that applies to all residents. When you violate a rule, the facility issues you a warning. After three up to five warnings, you’re officially terminated from the program.

This leads to the discontinuation of your treatments, the return of your payment or an eviction from the residential facility. There are some medical emergencies and personal problems that you cannot control. Every facility has a different policy for how to handle emergencies. Some places provide you with the proper resources to handle your problems. Other places have “zero tolerance policies,” so they will be less sympathetic and force you to leave their program immediately. Look over each center’s policies, which include rules and regulations, before you decide to join their treatment programs.

Some Centers Overcharge Their Clients

A substance abuse rehab center is a medical facility but also a business. Their main goal is to make enough money to survive. Many centers will increase their profits by compromising the quality of their treatments and the safety of their staff and customers. They will accept any client into their facility without doing a thorough background check or assessment of his or her individual needs. People with more money but less need will get accepted into the program. However, those with more severe addiction and psychological issues will get never get admitted. Consider the costs of the entire program from start to finish. Then, compare each individual facility’s costs with the average costs of all similar facilities. The costs vary by the type of facility, the types of services provided, the geographic location and the extent of treatment.

Although getting well is the main goal, it’s also important to consider money when selecting the right service provider. Not all rehab centers are alike, and not all professionals genuinely care about their patients. If you’re planning to enter rehab or do so for a friend or family member, you cannot take the task lightly. A medical facility is a business that you must investigate thoroughly. You’ll spend nearly a year of your life at a rehab, so you need to make sure that it’s worth your money, time and commitment. If you’re a current client with questions, our counselors are available 24 hours a day. If you’re a newcomer and need more information, call us at 772-266-5320.

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