Is Couples Rehab Right for You?

Many couples struggle with an addiction that they share. If you’re both fighting for your recovery from drugs or alcohol, you can help each other by going into rehab together. Couples drug rehab is slightly different from individual rehab because it helps heal your relationship along with your addiction.

Can Couples Go Into Rehab Together?

Many treatment centers allow couples to attend treatment together. Some inpatient treatment centers specialize in treating couples who are struggling with addiction. These centers allow you to share a room and participate in social activities together. Some even allow pets and children to attend so that you can all heal together. There are also outpatient centers that treat couples. Outpatient treatment allows you to stay in your own home, keep your job and take care of your family while you’re getting help. You can both attend rehab even if only one of you is an addict. The experience will give the non-addict partner insight and understanding into the process of recovery. Treatment at a couples rehab will teach you:

  • How to improve communication in your relationship to make it stronger and healthier.
  • Skills at parenting.
  • How to better handle work and financial issues.
  • Improved decision-making and coping.
  • How to support each other in recovery.

How Is Couples Drug Rehab Different From Individual Drug Rehab?

When it comes to addiction, the treatment is the same. If you are both addicts, you will both begin with medical detox. After that, you’ll have individual counseling along with group support. It is different in other ways. You’ll attend couples therapy in addition to addiction therapy. The goal is to strengthen your relationship along with healing your addiction.

Individualized Treatment

Your treatment is individualized to your specific needs and addiction history. Whether you choose outpatient or inpatient treatment, you will probably have a plan similar to this.

  • Your treatment will start with safe, medical detox to let you withdraw from drugs or alcohol without going through any painful symptoms.
  • You’ll be given a schedule of meetings and sessions that you’re required to attend.
  • You’ll attend individual therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention education, 12-step meetings, and other sessions.

Focus on the Relationship

In addition to addiction treatment, couples who are in drug rehab together will get therapy for their relationship.

  • You’ll deal with issues in the relationship that have been hidden by the addiction.
  • You learn how to cope with relationship issues that can trigger a desire to abuse substances.
  • You learn how to be better partners to each other.

Working Together Toward Recovery

There are certain principles that underlie successful drug treatment for couples. While you are in rehab together, you’ll learn to incorporate these principles into your life during and after treatment.

  • People in strong, happy relationships are less likely to relapse.
  • Addiction harms both people in a couple and harms the relationship itself. Treating the addiction and the relationship together will improve both.
  • The partner who is not addicted needs just as much help and support as a partner who is recovering.
  • Long-term sobriety is possible if both partners are committed to recovery and to each other.

Continuing Care for Couples

12-Step Groups

Attending 12-step programs is essential for anyone who has been through treatment. These support groups will help you cope with the daily challenges of sobriety. Most addiction experts believe that each member of a couple should attend their own individual meetings. You need to be able to speak openly and honestly about what is going on in your life, including your relationship. You may also choose to attend specific recovery groups for couples. You should do this in addition to your individual 12-step meetings.

Sober Living Homes

Living in a sober home is an excellent way to learn skills for staying sober outside of a treatment center. You’ll be in a safe environment, but you’ll still be able to work and see your family. Some sober living homes allow couples to live there together. You will both have to follow the rules of the home. You’ll also have to agree to random drug tests during your stay.

Are You Looking for Couples Rehab?

If you’re both committed to recovery and to each other, we can find you the right treatment center. Get started on a healthier, happier life together. Call our counselors anytime at 772-266-5320.

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