Is It Easier to Go Home After Treatment at a Rehab Center Near Me Than if I Travel?

To overcome a substance abuse disorder is a challenge. Anyone who takes the wise first step to seek help should be commended for making a smart decision. One of the choices is to complete an addiction treatment program offered through a rehab center.

Many communities have local rehab facilities, while others do not. Regardless of whether you have a treatment program near you, or you travel to a treatment center, there are things to help you transition back to your normal life.

But is there any difference between the two options, traveling or staying near your home? Is it easier to go home after treatment at a rehab center near you more so than if you travel? Let’s explore some thoughts about this important transitional period in your recovery.

Continuing Treatment

Some may think the time spent in an addiction rehab facility is all the treatment necessary to overcome a substance abuse disorder. This is not true. In fact, most recovery programs have outpatient treatment options available after you complete a residential type rehab.

The length of post-rehab outpatient treatment varies. A number of treatment facilities offer outpatient programs as well as residential. This can be a benefit when you are choosing between a rehab center near you or one that you must travel to.

While some communities may not have residential treatment facilities near you, most communities now offer some form of outpatient addiction care. Appreciating there is going to be an outpatient phase following inpatient rehab is critical.

The difference between starting the outpatient phase of your recovery from a rehab center far from your home is minimal. This also applies to the actual time you spend at the treatment facility.

Regardless of whether you attend treatment right down the street, or clear across the country, the important thing is that you are there. But what if your home environment puts you at a dangerous risk for relapse?

What if you need more time to stabilize your program before you return to your home? How can you safely transition back to your home no matter if you go to a rehab center near you or travel to a treatment center that is hundreds of miles away? There is an answer.

Sober Living

Not everyone has the opportunity to transition back to their home gradually. However, before you leave a rehab center to return home, you must be honest with your counseling team about what challenges you will face.

Since you understand that there will be continuing treatment after you leave any rehab facility, you can make wise choices about where to live. If you choose to transition to a sober living house after treatment, you give yourself both options and tools to build on your treatment experience.

There is usually an avenue to pursue sober living arrangements prior to leaving a rehab center. This is an essential subject you will cover with your counseling staff. During this time, you can assess various aspects of your home environment that could present challenges to your recovery.

Besides offering a smooth transition from rehab to your home, sober living can also be a bridge between the two if you select a rehab center miles away from your home. What matters most is your recovery.

To guard against a dangerous relapse after treatment, you need to be rigorously honest about the challenges and triggers present when you do return to your home. Sober living is an excellent way to help address these challenges ahead of time. It is also an excellent environment to build on everything you absorbed during your time at a rehab center.

Choosing to enter a treatment center is a vital first step in your addiction recovery. Where you choose to attend, near your home or far away, isn’t nearly as important as you being there. There will be a phase of continuing treatment afterward.

This part of your recovery doesn’t have to depend on where you complete your residential treatment. You may be advised to consider a sober living environment to transition between the rehab center and your home.

It doesn’t matter if you attend rehab near your home, or you travel. The key is to begin your journey in recovery somewhere. If you feel you’re having problems with substance abuse, the first step is to ask for help.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom. Reach out for help today. It is available. Call today at 302-842-2390 so that you can start your own journey towards a new way of living, drug and alcohol free.

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