Is the Nearest Drug Rehab Center the Best Option?

Choosing which rehabilitation center to attend can be overwhelming and difficult. There are many options to choose from, including centers that are based locally and centers that are out of state. There are pros and cons to attending treatment locally and out of state. The best choice will vary depending on the specific and unique needs of each individual seeking treatment.

In certain situations, individuals may not be successful after attending rehabilitation in their local area. This may be due to the environment and access to substances or alcohol from places in which the individual is familiar. It may be more conducive for certain individuals to travel for rehabilitation in order to maintain long term sobriety. There are many different treatment centers covering the United States. Each treatment rehabilitation center will offer different types of services catered to their patient’s needs including specific therapies, accommodations, and other services.

Traveling for Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

The number of individuals who enter drug rehabilitation centers in the United States each year is in the millions. Of the millions of individuals who enter drug rehabilitation, 12% of these individuals have overall better outcomes of maintaining sobriety if they attend a rehabilitation center that is out of state. Drug rehabilitation centers that are located far from an individual’s home are typically more successful and effective in treating short-term and long-term substance abuse. Keep in mind that some insurance providers may not cover treatment that is located out of state. Most insurance providers will authorize treatment locally. Even if an individual’s insurance provider does not cover the cost of treatment, the most important thing to focus on is entering the rehabilitation center that fits their unique and specific needs. Keep in mind that there are programs that will help individuals pay for rehabilitation centers that are not covered by their insurance provider.

Advantages of Attending a Rehab Out of Your Area

There are many advantages to traveling for drug rehabilitation. Some of these advantages include:

  • Treatment facilities with higher quality services
  • Removal from the environment in which substance abuse occurred
  • Privacy

Many individuals that live in rural areas find that attending a drug treatment center out of state is more effective due to higher quality care being available elsewhere. Traveling out of state for drug rehabilitation can also give individuals the sense that they are making a fresh start in a new place, which may aid in their overall treatment and maintaining long-term sobriety. Traveling for rehabilitation allows individuals to be removed from temptations that they may have at home, which leads to the reduction of cravings and potential relapse. Further, being far away from home can increase an individual’s motivation to stick with their program and stay in the rehabilitation center, which then increases their chances of success. Keep in mind that rehabilitation for substance abuse is typically voluntary and individuals have the option to return to their home state whenever they wish.

Some individuals who seek treatment for drug rehabilitation are very concerned about judgment regarding entering a treatment center. They may feel that they will be judged or face issues with their employer if they attend rehabilitation for substance abuse. Often, privacy is vital to successful treatment outcomes. Traveling out of state for drug rehabilitation increases the level of privacy for patients.

Traveling for Drug Rehab

The ultimate goal of drug rehabilitation is to maintain long-term successful sobriety. This goal can be much more difficult to achieve if an individual is exposed to the environment that they used drugs and/or alcohol in the past. Exposure to these familiar environments may trigger cravings and possible relapse. Psychological studies regarding addiction and relapse indicate that if an individual is exposed to the same environment, people, or places that they abused substances in the past, they are much more likely to relapse. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to choose which path to take and which rehabilitation center to attend.

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