Major Side Effects You May Experience from Cannabis Addiction

You may be one of those people who believe that consuming cannabis does not have that much effect on your body. Even though research has shown that small quantities of marijuana are less harmful, you should not be pushed to consume a lot of it. Like every other drug, taking large amounts of marijuana could lead to addiction where you cannot stay without it.

Cannabis addiction is harmful to your health because of its many side effects. One of the common issues you are likely to encounter from the long-term consumption of marijuana is memory issues. Your long-term memory is at a higher chance of being affected because your brain experiences difficulty collecting new information. In this case, it becomes hard for you to form new memories.

Therefore, your chances of forgetting will be higher, and this may reduce your productivity. Since your mind cannot be able to remember concepts well, your learning process is affected. If you are in school, things could turn sour for you as you may get bad grades that prevent you from achieving your career passion.

Other Possible Side Effects from Too Much Consumption of Marijuana

If you don’t experience long-term memory loss, your lungs are at a higher risk of being damaged. Research has shown that cannabis smoke contains harmful substances that could harm your lungs. The more you consume marijuana, the more you fill your body with hydrogen cyanide ammonia. The more these substances accumulate in your body; your air passages are affected, extending to the lungs. In this case, your lungs won’t function normally, and you may start experiencing a series of coughs.

At times, you may have a problem breaching posing a grave risk to your health. You could be risking your sex life with continued abuse of marijuana. Researchers have published reports suggesting that marijuana can affect your sexual functioning by a more significant margin. In these publications, researchers argue that too much consumption of marijuana affects erectile tissues. Therefore, your body won’t be able to respond to the sexual stimulation as expected. If the addiction does not affect your erectile tissues, it may be hard for you to achieve orgasm whenever you are having sexual intercourse.

Growth to Your Child and Danger of Heart Attack

For women, too much weed intake could pose a greater risk to their child, especially when you consume it during pregnancy. The harmful substances present in cannabis will not only be absorbed by your body but will also reach your child. Once your child is born, you may start to notice various problems with them, such as stunted growth, poor memory, and coordination. All these issues could be the marijuana that you consume while you are pregnant.

As you continue to consume your marijuana, you could be exposing yourself to a heart attack. Too much consumption of weed increases the heart rate. You may end up experiencing a heart that is beyond the normal level, which could easily lead to a heart attack that could cost you your life.

Increases Anxiety and Mood Changes

You may have heard that marijuana works magic in reducing anxiety. However, that may not be the case for everyone. You may be part of a group of people whose outcome is the opposite. For you, marijuana could increase anxiety and depression. As you consume more weed, your body takes in high amounts of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

THC has been linked with advanced cases of anxiety. Therefore, as you consume weed, you put yourself at risk of developing pressure because THC increases in your body with every puff. One of the problems you are most likely to experience with constant marijuana intake is mood change. Your mood will continuously be shifting, and most of the time, you tend to look dull. With such a kind of mood, it may be difficult for you to interact with other people and develop better relationships.

Substance abuse has been a significant issue with society, and you are likely to become part of the people that fall into it. It could be due to pressure from your peers or frustrations in life that leads you into drug abuse. With time, you may end up being addicted such that you cannot live your everyday life without the drug. At times it might seem like you entirely depends on these drugs so that you feel alive.

However, that should not be the end of everything, as you can seek medical advice to reverse your situation. Ready to get started? Call us today at 772-266-5320. We are available 24 hours a day to help you live life comfortably and to the fullest.

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