Paying for Addiction Treatment if You’re Underinsured

Many people are held back from getting addiction treatment because they’re concerned about the cost. That is a reasonable concern, but you should never let financial concerns keep you from getting the help you need. If you’re worried about being uninsured or not having insurance at all, you can find affordable drug rehabs and programs that will help you cover the cost.

How Do You Pay for Drug Treatment?

Most people use their comprehensive insurance coverage to pay for addiction treatment. Others are able to pay for the cost of treatment with their savings.

The problem occurs when you have insurance, but your insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment. In that case, you’ll have to find an affordable program and find other ways to pay the difference.

How Do You Find Affordable Drug Rehab Centers if You’re Underinsured?

Many people believe that addiction treatment centers are expensive, because they’re used to seeing the luxurious rehab centers that celebrities and the wealthy attend. These facilities often have high-end amenities like huge rooms, swimming pools and personal chefs.

Not all rehabs are like that, however. The majority are what’s known as “standard level” facilities. These rehab centers are often quite comfortable, with good food and lovely surroundings but no high-end, luxurious amenities.

The quality of addiction care that you get is what’s most important, and the quality of care at both places is the same. The cost of a treatment center has little to do with how well it helps patients get and stay sober.

If you need help paying for treatment, consider the following options.

Payment Plan from the Facility

Some drug treatment centers set up payment plans with you. These can be done in your name or the name of a family member. These plans allow you to enjoy the benefits of rehab and include payments that can be spread over 6 to 12 months. You don’t have to start paying until you’ve completed treatment.

Sliding Scale

Some treatment centers offer sliding-scale fees. These are fees based on your income. If your income is below a certain amount, you may qualify for a reduced fee. In some cases, the fee may be low enough to qualify for coverage under your insurance.

Bank Loan or Line of Credit

If it’s possible for you to get a loan, that’s another good way to pay for treatment. It allows you to extend the payments over several months to a year. If you qualify for a loan or you have a line of credit, this is a good option.

Government Help

The government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides grants to treatment centers for low-income people. You can find out if the treatment center you’re considering has received this type of grant. If so, you may qualify for treatment at no cost.

State-Funded Programs

If you or a family member already receive government benefits such as SNAP, Social Security Disability Insurance or other forms of assistance, you can probably qualify for free detox and rehabilitation. You can find out more about these programs by contacting your state’s social services office.

Nonprofit and Faith-Based Rehabilitation Centers

Every state has a number of nonprofit and faith-based facilities that offer drug treatment. These are often low in cost or free. Some of them require that you get a job. Working is considered part of your treatment and is also used to offset some of the treatment costs. Each of these nonprofit or faith-based centers has different rules, requirements and fees.

Will I Get the Same Treatment?

If you qualify for a payment plan or a reduced fee at your drug rehab center, you will get the same treatment as everyone else. You will get the same level of individualized attention, access to all classes and counseling sessions, ability to use all the amenities and everything else.

Find an Affordable Drug Rehab Center

If you’re looking for a low-cost treatment center, we can help you find the right one. Our counselors can refer you to drug rehab centers that offer payment plans, sliding scales and other ways to help you cover the cost of rehab. Get the help you need at a cost you can afford by calling us at

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