Should I Seek Addiction Treatment in Delaware Even if I’m Not Sure I Deserve It??

Substance addiction is a baffling disease. Those who become ensnared in a web of substance abuse can feel like there is no hope for change. Addiction feeds upon itself, telling you that you are not worthy of the good things life may have to offer.

Guilt is one of the strongest emotions that drive addiction, often creating a spiraling effect. If you feel you’ve reached a point where all is lost, you’re not alone. However, recovery is for anyone who wants it. Here’s why you should seek addiction treatment, because you do deserve it.

Rekindle Your Self-Esteem

If known, the number of people who lose out on the benefits of recovery because they don’t think they’re worthy of treatment would be staggering. Feeling unworthy is an inherent part of the addictive lifestyle.

Some turn to drugs or alcohol because they feel an emptiness inside themselves. This emotional void is so cavernous that they feel an uncontrollable need to fill it with substances. You may be one of the thousands who feel a false sense of self-worth only when you’re under the influence of a substance.

As you become further entangled in a web of addiction, the problem just continues to get worse. Eventually, addicts and alcoholics feel so poorly about themselves; they don’t think they deserve to get better. The truth is that you do deserve something far better.

You are a worthy person despite your disease. You are not a bad person because you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, but a good person who needs help to heal from a devastating disease. Even if you don’t feel you deserve a better way of life now, treatment will help you rekindle your self-esteem.

Experience a Happy Life

Frequently, an addictive lifestyle can produce consequences. Many of these consequences can be drastic. Some deal with the loss of friends and family, while others involve the loss of your freedom.

Substance abuse has a compounding effect on not only your self-esteem, but your appreciation of what it means to be happy. Many reach a point where they mistakenly think the only time they’re happy is when they’re high.

Early recovery can and will be challenging, but you will soon begin to appreciate that there is a happiness in life that doesn’t require that you abuse yourself with drugs or alcohol. Recovery is like a journey to new experiences, and an important focus is on helping you experience a happy life.

Move Away From Guilty Feelings

A predominant reason that alcoholics and drug addicts have such low self-esteem and experience unhealthy bouts with depression is guilt. Guilt can drive those with the best of character to do terrible things to themselves.

The recovery stories that mention guilt as a driving force beyond their addiction are endless. If you experience guilt for anything, you are not alone. People feel guilty for a myriad of reasons. However, the addict and alcoholic add another element of guilt.

Not only do you feel overwhelmed about certain things you may have done, invariably you are going to feel even worse the worse your addiction gets. This guilt can be so overwhelming that the thought of ending your life may seem like a good solution.

This unhealthy choice becomes a dangerous problem the longer you fail to ask for help. As you begin to build a foundation in recovery, you will be taught how to move away from guilt. No one will ask you to forget things you may have done.

On the contrary, it will eventually be suggested as part of recovery that you make amends for the wrongs you may have done straight or high. Treatment will also begin by helping you move away from the most pressing type of guilt, the guilt you hold for yourself.

When your self-esteem and vision of happiness are devastated by an addiction, you may feel like you’re not worthy of help. Regardless of how guilty you may feel, you deserve something far better than the dismal prospects an addiction-filled life offers.

You can begin your own journey by making one simple phone call. You are a worthwhile person who just needs help to recover from a helpless state of mind caused by a terrible disease. Help is available, but it must begin with you asking.

Recovery is for anyone and everyone. Don’t be one of those who remains lost in a spiraling world of addiction because they don’t think they deserve anything better. You do. Make the call today at 302-842-2390, because tomorrow may be too late.

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