What 5 Things Are Crucial to Remember When Job Hunting After Rehab?

Finishing rehab gives you a fresh start in life, and one of the first things that you might need to do when you get home is look for a job. Job hunting can often be stressful, and you may have some concerns about what it will be like to go through the interview process when you’ve recently completed your addiction treatment. If you are feeling nervous, then it is good to know that most employers understand that people have often dealt with challenges in their past. Now that you have a new and healthier lifestyle, it helps to know these five things that are crucial to remember when job hunting after rehab.

Sobriety is Your Priority

Once you begin your job search, it is easy to get so caught up in filling out applications and sending resumes that you may forget about the importance of keeping your routine. While finding a job is important, you need to remember that staying sober is the only way that you will be successful. Try to stick to the plan that you create in rehab. For instance, you may need to continue to attend your after care appointments to help you manage the stress that can accompany a job search.

Keep a Realistic Perspective

Things may have changed since you had to seek addiction treatment. For instance, you might have learned that a certain career field is not good for you. If you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, then you might need to consider an entry level position to get back into a company that you want to work for. Obtaining a new position can also take some time since many employers have defined hiring policies. These may include having to wait for a background check to come back clear before you can start working. Be patient with yourself during this time, and remember that it is all part of the normal process of getting back on your feet.

You Control How Much You Share

You might be wondering how to navigate through certain aspects of the hiring process since you’ve been to rehab. It is common to worry that an employer might ask about a gap in your work history or notice an arrest on your criminal background check. These are common issues for people who have been through rehab, but you should know that you have a right to privacy. Your treatment center counselors can help you develop answers that you are comfortable using for common interview questions. For instance, you might say that you took a brief break from the workforce to focus on self-improvement. If you do need to reveal your history with substance misuse, then you can also find ways to do it in a professional manner. Often, explaining how you’ve taken steps to manage your addiction is all it takes to help you get that job.

Volunteering Can Give You an Edge

A volunteer position can give you something to keep you busy while you conduct your job hunt. You can also use your experience as a volunteer to stand out to employers. If your job search is taking a long time, then try to think of potential volunteer positions that can teach you skills that apply to your desired job field. For example, answering phone calls at an animal shelter could help you land a receptionist position. Working for a charity home building organization could help you hone your carpentry skills. The sky is the limit with how many different volunteer opportunities are out there, and you might even be able to do some networking while you are helping to improve the world.

There Are Many Sources of Support

By the time that you leave rehab, you should have many people that you can turn to for help with your job search. There are also websites and non-profit organizations that can help connect you with a job. As you think about your network of support, consider adding these potential resources to your list.

•rehab and after care counselors
•family and sober friends
•local workforce organizations
•former coworkers
•career counselors

The world is filled with people who want to see you succeed. You have also learned many strategies to maintain your sobriety while you were in rehab. You’ve done the hard work to get sober, and you are now ready to go out and find your place in the world. Keeping the right mindset will help you land a job that makes you proud of finally getting a handle on your addiction.

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