What Are Some Ways To Help Calm Someone On Meth?

Use of illicit drugs can exert numerous adverse impacts upon the individuals ingesting such substances. These reactions can prove even more difficult for the user’s loved ones or other associations to witness.

Our Florida-based treatment facility invites addicts, their family members and other close relations to continue reading this piece providing an overview of methamphetamines, often abbreviated as meth, and actions individuals encountering subjects intoxicated on this substance can employ to potentially settle them down.

Introduction To Meth

Meth is a nervous system-stimulant that heightens the brain’s production and secretion of a chemical known as dopamine. This substance influences numerous feelings such as pleasure and motivation, the ability to learn, in addition to cognitive functions like memory and focus.

The initially positive outcomes users feel as a result of this increased dopamine ingestion renders meth an exceptionally addictive substance. In fact, medical professionals and addition specialists maintain users can become hooked after as few as one ingestion period. Moreover, the user must intake larger and larger quantities of the substance each time to produce increased dopamine release.

Systemic Impact

With progressive usage, individuals may experience a host of physical manifestations ranging from untoward to potentially life-inhibiting. Furthermore, the effects often vary depending upon the method of ingestion. Meth is usually snorted, injected or smoked. That said, common reactionary symptoms include cardiovascular issues like elevated blood pressure and pulse rate, and heart rhythm irregularities, in addition to a dearth of nervous system responses including paranoia, wakefulness, tremors, and confusion.

Aggressive Tendencies

Meth is also known to induce several possibly severe aggressive tendencies that could increase the user’s capacity to be a threat to themselves or those around them. Such actions could manifest in alarming behavior such as intense anger, aggressiveness, and agitation.

Calming Methods Individuals Can Employ

Encountering an individual drunk on meth can be a frightening and potentially perilous experience. That said, the actions the witnessing subject performs could prevent the user from executing criminal, life-changing or possibly even fatal behavior. Employing the following techniques might calm a meth-induced rage:

Avoid Being Combative

The non-user is urged to not demonstrate any level of combativeness. Openly arguing with or criticizing the user only has the potential to make a trying situation more explosive. The sober person must remember they are dealing with someone under the influence. Therefore, they are likely not operating in their right mind. Aggressiveness often breeds aggressiveness and does not typically yield favorable outcomes.

Remain Calm

Granted, keeping one’s cool when facing off against someone in a meth-induced stupor can prove challenging. Any person feeling like their life might be in danger will likely feel tense. That said, the sober party must try as hard as they can to not let the user witness their trepidation. Fear often inspires harsh responses.

Choose Words And Tone Wisely

When speaking with someone inebriated on meth, the bystander is firmly urged to use soft tones and choose their words with extreme caution. The user may construe yelling or any type of harsh or sarcastic tone as an aggressive stance and respond accordingly. Moreover, uttering accusatory or critical words might also yield disagreeable retorts.

Do Not Confront The User

Unless the user physically attacks other persons involved in the scene, any type of contact should be avoided. Certain caring souls opine that soft physical contact like touching or hugging is capable of producing a soothing influence. However, said individuals must be reminded that they are dealing with persons under the influence who might interpret touching as a form of aggression. Rather, the user should be given a discernible amount of space.


Sometimes, listening is the best medicine. Such a strategy may prove effective on multiple fronts. First, remain calm, quiet, and attentive might inspire the user to feel someone cares. That alone might settle their anxiety and agitation. Moreover, the substance abuser might simply wear themselves out after ranting and gyrating over specific durations.

Remove Oneself From Harm’s Way

Naturally, if the witnessing individual feels imminently threatened or unsafe, they should cautiously remove themselves from the scene and beckon local first responding authorities.

Contacting Us

Meth is an exceptionally addictive drug that often results in numerous short and long-term problems. Fortunately, however, those who wish can receive help and might be able to overcome this dependency. Our addiction center has helped countless young adults conquer this and many other addictions and, in the process, return to clean, happy, and productive existences. We look forward to helping those currently in need achieve similar aims. Please contact us at 772-266-5320 for further information.

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