What Are Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms? How to Find A Great Addiction Treatment Centre

What Are Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms? How to Find A Great Addiction Treatment Centre Suboxone is a medical remedy to treat opiate addiction. It contains a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine. However, after successful treatment, suboxone becomes addictive with consequent withdrawal symptoms. What are suboxone withdrawal symptoms? How does one find great addiction treatment centers?

Suboxone Addiction

Suboxone is administered for an extended time to recover from the addiction to opioids. After using for an extended period and successful recovery, patients often get addicted to the drug. Its withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of other opioids and vary with intensity, banking on the duration it has been taken. Severe physical withdrawal symptoms of suboxone are primarily felt within the initial 72 hours of withdrawal. Symptoms may last up to a month but decline gradually to insignificant ones. However, psychological dependence lasts a little longer. Psychological dependence refers to the emotional need for someone experiencing substance use disorder to use or abuse the drug.

Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms of suboxone are:

  • General body pains
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Changes in appetite

How to Find a Great Addiction Treatment Centre

A rehabilitation center provides the ideal environment for persons coping with substance use disorder. Therefore, you need to ensure you find a great treatment center that would meet one’s requirements and goals. Here are some of the factors you should consider while choosing a treatment center:

Certification, Licensing, and Accreditation of the Treatment Center and its Clinical Staff

A good treatment facility should have certifications and accreditations from non-profit organizations based on performance, results, and quality of services. One should check whether the state licenses the rehab center to offer addiction treatment services. State licensing chiefly depends on ability. Different states have different licensing requirements.

A fully licensed, certified, accredited treatment center is the best shot when choosing a rehab facility. It is also necessary for you to find out the reviews about the center from past customers based on their experiences and results. It is crucial to determine whether the clinical staff in the treatment center are qualified professionals who will offer services that meet national standards. Unlicensed staff may not have undergone the requisite training and acquired skills in offering standard rehab care services. Accredited addiction treatment staff should possess credentials such as National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level I (NCAC I), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), and National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level II (NCAC II).

Background Information about the Treatment Center

Before settling on a specific treatment center, you should research to find some vital background information about the rehab center and know their offers and packages in their treatment program. Some of the questions you have to ask while looking into a rehab center are such as:

Does it treat both mental and physical health problems apart from addiction?

Aside from addiction, drug and substances abuse causes health problems. A good rehab facility should be able to diagnose mental and physical health conditions and treat them. Without these, it is difficult for one to recover from addiction.

Does it include addiction’s medical remedies in their treatment program?

Some drugs are very effective in helping one recover from addiction. However, when administered for an extended time can also lead to addiction. You should take this factor into account while choosing a rehab facility.

Do they offer scholarships and insurance?

Some rehab centers offer scholarships to patients to cover rehab costs and stay at the facility. Rehab centers that provide scholarships for treatment programs should be given priority to help cut costs. Other treatment centers also take insurance. One should read and understand well the insurance policies and consider whether it will be their choice depending on their budget.

What is their success rate?

It would be best to ask the treatment facility about their success rates based on their past patients. Information about success rates can help one know whether it will be possible to recover within the center. Such background information can help one weigh their options and choose an excellent addiction treatment center that can at least guarantee the success of treatment and with better program offers to cut costs.

The withdrawal symptoms of suboxone addiction have severe effects on the victim’s body and general health. It would help if you found a great treatment facility that offers the best treatment services at reasonable costs. Ready to get started? Call accredited counselors at 772-266-5320.

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