What are the Benefits of a Holistic Approach?

Holistic health care treats the whole person. If you were to undergo holistic care for cancer, you would have physicians to help you fight the disease, a spiritual counselor to help you stay focused on your goals and a nutritionist to help you support your body with the best foods. You would also have access to a therapist who can help you manage the stress of your condition.

Addiction is a serious illness. What are the Benefits of a Holistic Approach? Your chances of success go up with holistic care. If the courts require you to undergo treatment, some of the aspects of holistic care may feel false. You may feel that you don’t need help. You may also feel that you don’t deserve. Holistic care is about receiving help from a supportive community.

Treating The Whole Person

During the physical and mental hardship of detox, holistic care may include acupuncture to reduce cravings and an IV to keep your fluids up. You may also be on medications to reduce nausea as well as a spiritual counselor to talk to as you fight through detox. As you move into treatment, your care may well change.


Physical support in treatment can include

  • guidance from a dietician
  • hydration support and intake monitoring
  • gentle exercise classes

Your foods and beverages may be monitored; you may be limited from some types of food. If your toxin exposure has caused stomach damage, you may also be on medications to reduce reflux, heal ulcers and support your gut health. Your physical comfort may also include multiple showers daily; detoxing can cause excessive sweating and lead to an uncomfortable odor. The simple joy of washing your body and feeling fresh and clean can do a lot to boost your mood. Finally, it’s important to note that addiction often develops as a way to cope with other symptoms. If you become addicted to opiates because you were struggling with pain, you will still need help managing physical pain. This may include gentle exercise physical therapy and massage.


Mental health issues can contribute to the use of addictive substances. Shedding those substances during detox can cause a serious rebound of those symptoms. As you detox and move into rehab and treatment, you may be given different medications that are targeted to help you manage your condition. You may also be included in one on one therapy and group therapy sessions to gain insight into your condition. Learning that you are not alone and building community can support you as your body and brain are cleansed.

Fellow group members may offer suggestions to lower anxiety, quiet disruptive thoughts, and find peace in their own head. Many working through detox and into treatment suffer from flashbacks and tough memories. Guilt and feelings of being out of control can also crop up and make it hard to focus. Therapies that keep your brain and hands busy, such as occupational therapies, can also provide great benefits.


Many going through detox and treatment may not be crazy about working with a spiritual counselor; religion can be a great source of guilt. However, detox spiritual counselors are committed to helping you re-engage with the world. If there’s no chance you’re interested in going to church, the right spiritual counselor will not push. The isolation you may well feel after detox and as you had into treatment can be dangerous to your recovery process.

Feeling alone and unwelcome in any community can push you toward social situations that are not good for your recovery mindset and process. Spiritual recovery can be individualized as well as community-based. You may learn to meditate and clear your mind. While meditation sounds easy, it’s actually very difficult to clear your mind and keep it blank. Thoughts, memories, and judgments will crop up often during your meditation practice, especially as you are learning to do it. Your spiritual counselor may provide you with a mantra or talk you through a visualization that will free your mind from destructive thoughts, memories, and images. Treating your body, mind, and spirit will require a commitment to growth. Like the bare roots of a new plant, this can be a vulnerable feeling. The right treatment team will provide you with a safe place to grow. Ready to get started? Call us today at 772-266-5320.

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