What are the Benefits of a Women’s Drug Rehab?

Drug and substance abuse among women is triggered by a complex interaction that happens between life stress, family history, and genetic factors. Some of the commonly abused drugs include cocaine, meth, alcohol, and weed. Fortunately, drug rehab facilities help women deal with substance abuse. A gender-specific rehab program has different benefits, and they include:

1. Access to a Safe Environment

For most women, the drug and substance addiction may be linked to the trauma they may have experienced in the past. For instance, a woman may have undergone sexual assault or domestic violence. If there are men around the treatment facility, the women trying to battle the addiction may be more stressed. Additional stress will interfere with the woman’s ability to heal. The rehab facilities usually allow female addicts to work with their fellow women who also understand and appreciate their needs. They will be more open in such an environment and speak up about the trauma they have experienced in the past. Such an environment also appears to be more nurturing.

2. A Multidisciplinary Approach

Some of the drug rehabilitation centers meant for women offer different treatment options such as:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual group counseling
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Sober living and aftercare homes
  • Holistic treatment options

3. Gender-Specific Issues

When dealing with women, there is the issue of a barrier when it comes to treatment, and it revolves around life circumstances that fellow women can only understand. There may be the issue of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or other forms of trauma. Women tend to experience such problems in large numbers compared to men. A women’s drug rehab will address unique issues for women, and they will get better eventually. Women also feel safer in gender-specific facilities, and they will be more willing to cooperate.

4. Support System

Women will have access to the support they’ll need during the recovery process. Unfortunately, most women don’t get any support from their friends or family when they engage in drug and substance abuse. Some of the reasons women will avoid seeking help from treatment programs are that they may be labeled as bad characters. However, they’ll gain the assistance they need to recover with a support system.

5. The Treatment Options Are Tailored to Women

Women’s drug rehab facilities understand the addiction in females better, which means they’re well suited to offering the assistance addicts need regardless of whether they have been using small or large amounts. Checking into a women’s drug rehab boosts a women’s chances of overcoming addiction.

6. The Use of a More Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is suitable for both genders. Nonetheless, women tend to be more open when engaging in different practices such as yoga and meditation. When women get into a rehab program meant for only females, they will gain significantly from the comprehensive approach, which includes different forms of therapy such as dialectal behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy. Other treatment options available include fitness programs, music therapy, and massage therapy.

Such a program is the best option for some women to overcome addiction. As you get started, there is the need to receive a proper diagnosis first, ensuring the mental health issues you’re facing are tackled.

Some of the common mental health issues include anxiety and depression, triggering people to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. Additional benefits of women’s drug rehab include:

  • You learn to cope with the stress in life without taking drugs
  • You learn not to feel ashamed or embarrassed because you’re addicted
  • You can focus on your recovery in an environment that is well structured with professional and caring staff
  • You discover various ways to deal with your addiction.

About Substance Abuse in Women

Women can easily get addicted to drugs and alcohol regardless of whether they use it in small amounts. When women start taking drugs, they will experience complications relating to their drug and substance addiction. The complications can be long-term and short-term. Our team is at your service if you’re ready to start your addiction treatment. We’ll carry out a diagnosis and formulate a tailor-made approach to deal with your addiction. Contact us today at 302-842-2390.

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