What are the benefits of going to detox?

When it comes time to say no more drugs or alcohol, there are certain realities you will have to face. First, you will most likely need help to arrest your addiction. It’s hard to simply stop cold turkey and never use drugs or drink again. You will need someone to guide you through your issues so you can learn to cope better with the circumstances of your life without abusing harmful substances. With that said, there is something else you will need to deal with before you can start treatment.

If you truly have an addiction issue, your body is going to rebel when you abstain from using your substance of choice. Your body is going to rebel in the form of some potentially troublesome withdrawal symptoms. The kinds of withdrawal symptoms you might incur would depend on the type of substance or substances you have been abusing and the depth of your addiction. Regardless of your substance of choice, here is a list of withdrawal symptoms that seem to be common among substance abusers who are trying t fight back against their addiction:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Profuse sweating and nervousness
  • Muscle cramping
  • Sleeping issues
  • Sudden changes in blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate
  • Body tremors and convulsions

So yes, you will have to address the withdrawal symptoms that will almost certainly come calling when you decide to stop using or drinking. None of this is being mentioned in an effort to scare you. You need to understand the challenges you would be facing. However, you can get help dealing with your withdrawal symptoms. You can get the help you need in a detox program. You can find good detox programs through a full-service rehab facility like ours look for a stand-alone detox facility. Let’s have a discussion about detox programs and how they will benefit you.

The Benefits of Going Through a Detox program

As your body starts to adjust to life without the substance it craves, you will struggle for a week or two. If that’s all the longer it takes to cleanse your mind and body of your substance of choice, you would be very fortunate. Of course, no one would ever ask you to go through something if it wasn’t going to benefit you in meaningful ways. With that in mind, there are two primary benefits you would derive from going through a detox program

Keeping You Safe

Withdrawal symptoms can be troubling. In the most severe cases, these symptoms can cause lasting health issues. That’s why you should never attempt to detox on your own if your addiction is significant. When you enter a detox facility/program, the facility’s staff has but one goal. They want to keep you safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. If you can detox naturally with a focus on rest, nutrition, and exercise, that would be wonderful. If by chance you would start to show signs of pain and or distress, there would be medical professionals standing by to help you in any way they could. That would include giving you prescription medication if necessary.

Preparing You for Therapy

When you would start dealing with a counselor in therapy, you would need to do so with a clear mind and body. Dealing with your personal issues would require focus and commitment, something that is difficult to do if you are still craving drugs or alcohol. A good detox program will give you time to clear your mind and body. By the time your withdrawal symptoms start to subside, you would start feeling physically better. Also, your ability to concentrate would improve. This is exactly what you would need in order to handle the rigors of open and honest therapy.

As for the work you would be doing, you would be looking for answers to one important question, “why do I feel the need to hurt myself with drugs or alcohol?” It’s hard to answer that question when your mind is still on drugs or alcohol. The fact you are reading this information is a good sign. It indicates you might be ready to stop drinking/using. If that’s the case, we encourage you to contact one of our staff members at 772-266-5320. After discussing your circumstances and the addiction treatment services we offer, we would be happy to invite you to come to our rehab facility to get the help you need.

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