What Are the Best Chances for Reducing a Delaware DUI?

It’s inevitable for anyone who consistently abuses drugs and alcohol to eventually have a run-in with the law. The reason this happens is that drugs and alcohol destroy the user’s ability to use good judgment. Consider this. The number of people who get arrested for driving under the influence is but a small percentage of the people who actually do it. This is a serious issue because every time an impaired person gets behind the wheel of a car, lives are at risk until that person reaches their destination.

The driving under the influence (DUI) laws in the US are very strict because lives are at risk when it happens. If you live in Delaware and recently got caught driving under the influence, you are no doubt learning the hard way just how strict the laws are in that state. As you deal with the repercussions of your actions, you might want to contemplate what you can do to reduce the repercussions of your DUI.

In case you are not aware of that which you are facing in terms of penalties, let’s start by assuming this would be your first offense and you are cooperating with law enforcement. You are facing a potential jail sentence of 60 days to 6 months at the judge’s discretion. You will also be facing a minimum fine amount that is $230 and can increase up to $1,150 at the court’s discretion. Finally, your driver’s license will be revoked for one year. Again, there are the penalties for a first offense.

If an effort to try to minimize your sentence, you might be allowed to request a time for addiction treatment. In some cases, treatment may be ordered by a judge. While it won’t be clear what effect treatment will have on your sentence, successfully completing an addiction treatment program certainly won’t hurt your situation.

What Are the Best Chances for Reducing a Delaware DUI?

It really doesn’t matter if you believe you have an addiction problem of not. The fact drinking or using drugs is causing you to have unwanted interactions will law enforcement should be your primary concern. Regardless, of the circumstances, the best chances you have for reducing your sentence is going to be getting treatment.

The First Offender Program

As indicated above, there are circumstances under which the court might get involved in placing a defendant in treatment. It’s something the judge could decide to do if the defendant has had multiple prior DUI convictions and clearly needs some kind of intervention.

At their discretion, judges can also offer first-time defendants the opportunity to voluntarily enter the “First Offender Program”. Under the guideline set by the laws in Delaware, completing said program could result in a lowering of the one-year license revocation period. It could also result in the judge using the lower end of the sentencing guidelines for jail time and the prescribed fine. All of this can add up to significant time and money savings, making it worth the effort to sign up for such a program.

Submitting for Voluntary Treatment

Regardless of whether or not you can somehow mediate your impending sentence by getting treatment, you need to closely consider the fact you might have an addiction. Being arrested for a DUI should serve as your wake up, call hit hitting “rock bottom.”

Here’s what you have to remember. If you continue using drugs or drinking and get caught for a second or third DUI, you are going to do substantial damage to both your life and bank account. This is your opportunity to get off this horrible ride before it’s too late.

There will be some time available between when you are arrested, your conviction and when your sentence is going to be handed down. You should use this time to seek treatment. If you clear things ahead of time with the prosecutor and your attorney, there’s a good chance an agreement will be reached to delay all proceedings until you have completed your time in rehab.

Hopefully, the information provided above will serve to motivate you to get help. You can’t risk continuing to put yourself on the radar of law enforcement and the justice system. Now is the time to address your substance abuse issues and do whatever’s necessary to make it a thing of the pass. To that end, we can offer you the help you need. All we ask you to do is pick up the phone and call us at 302-842-2390 to get the treatment process started.

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