What Are the Main Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Men?

For some men, outpatient addiction treatment can be an excellent alternative to long-term, residential programs. Not only is outpatient rehab significantly less costly than private, on-campus treatment, but it also requires a lesser commitment of time. This allows participants to maintain gainful employment, uphold their personal and familial responsibilities, and deal with pressing legal issues among many other things.

Outpatient addiction treatment is also an effective option in follow-up treatment for those who have already completed a residential program and who are ready to reenter society. Sobriety is a lifelong endeavor, and this makes it important for all men in recovery to have ongoing support systems and ongoing plans for keeping their well-being on track. With this extra help, recovering addicts have reliable ways for dealing with new challenges, avoiding and overcoming relapse, and restructuring and rebuilding their lives. Given that it is far less restrictive than residential rehab, outpatient treatment is generally recommended for those who have already completed a more intensive form of treatment, or who are still within the very early stages of addiction. If you have tried rehab in the past and have failed in your recovery efforts several times before, attending an inpatient program is generally your best bet. Once you’ve spent 60 to 90 days completely removed from your current stressors and environment, you’ll be ready to benefit from the increased flexibility and greater autonomy that outpatient services entail.

Discover The Benefits Of Attending Outpatient Addiction Treatment

If you have just completed a medically supervised detoxification process, the next step in recovery is to attend therapy and take part in skill-building exercises. All recovering addicts must learn new strategies for coping with stress. This way, when they are confronted with the unexpected in life, if they find themselves in challenging situations and relationships, or when they experience cravings for drugs or alcohol, they’ll be armed with the necessary tools for dealing with these triggers and can easily keep their sobriety on track. Although many addicts are eager to try navigating all parts of the recovery process on their own, most successful attempts to quit abusing drugs and alcohol are made by those who seek professional help.

There are also a number of resources that men can connect with by attending outpatient addiction programs. For instance, after detoxification and withdrawal, it is often important for men to find stable and affordable housing. They may have legal issues that are preventing them from returning home, or financial hardship may have resulted in housing loss. Sometimes the quest to find new housing post-treatment is essential for removing recovering patients from toxic and potentially dangerous environments. Fortunately, this is something that people can get assistance with during outpatient treatment. Via these support programs you can:

  • Get a referral for sober living
  • Learn more about transportation support in your area
  • Connect with a caseworker to get help in establishing and pursuing key life goals
  • Stay accountable for your sobriety
  • Take part in 12-step exercises and activities

Whether outpatient treatment functions as a primary or secondary resource for getting and staying well, it is always an essential part of recovery. While inpatient treatment programs remove people from their stressful environments so that they can focus entirely on healing, outpatient services are largely designed to help people safely and successfully readjust to the real-world environment.

Drug rehab is a safe place. This is where many people talk about their hopes, guilt, fears, and other emotions. It is also where recovering addicts make new friends, and obtain critical information about building and maintaining healthy friendships. Upon leaving inpatient treatment centers, many people are fearful of losing much of what they’ve gained. With outpatient addiction treatment, men can still surround themselves with like-minded people who possess similar goals and ambitions, and they can continue to talk about their thoughts and fears openly. While connecting with essential resources is certainly a benefit of outpatient rehab, the ability to communicate and maintain meaningful relationships is absolutely important. These support services help men feel both grounded and connected as they work hard to take charge of their lives and keep this charge. If you’re ready to gain control of your life, call us today at 302-842-2390 to learn more about the available treatment options, and to find the perfect inpatient or outpatient program for you.

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