What Are the Options for Drug Rehabilitation in Florida if You Have a Family?

One of the biggest reasons that people delay drug and alcohol treatment is because of their children. In fact, your children are the reason that should drive you to get the help you need. How can you appropriately parent a child when you are suffering from the clutches of addiction? Your kids need you to be whole and thinking clearly to be able to make decisions about their care. If you think that delaying your treatment is helping your family, then you need to know that there are rehabilitation centers in Florida with you in mind.

The Fear of Losing A Child

For most people who suffer from addiction, the threat of having their children taken away from them is genuine. Do you fear a knock on the door from Children’s Services or some other agency that is going to step in and remove the children from the home? Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes. Some parents can adequately take care of their kids each day, but they have an underlying dependency that keeps them going. For others, the addiction rules their life, and their children are suffering. Thankfully, there are centers from Miami to Tallahassee that offer both inpatient and outpatient services that can cater to your specific needs. The program that is right for you depends on the severity of your issue and how long you have to get better.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient dependency treatment is great for active parents who don’t have a babysitter for long periods. You can get the same counseling and classes that you receive during inpatient treatment, but it’s done in the evenings and on the weekends. You can still maintain a job and be there for those baseball and football games. Part-time treatment is for those who have an addiction, but the issue has not become as severe as it has for others. In most cases, insurance will cover outpatient treatment, and it allows you to get the care you need around your schedule. Beyond the children, another reason that many choose an outpatient facility is that it provides a level of privacy and anonymity. Some people are private by nature, and they don’t want everyone knowing their business, and extended absences may leave more questions than answers. However, attending outpatient therapy can be done ambiguously. You must consider that you need to have a more significant amount of diligence to attend an outpatient program. You won’t be removed from the negative influencing factors, and you must be strong to make a large amount of the recovery alone. The focus on family support and involvement is what may drive you to select this option. As you go about the daily grind, you can apply the things you learn to your life right away.

Inpatient Services

There are numerous residential treatment programs, and the duration of these programs can be anywhere from 28 days to two years. There are many people in these rehab centers that have children and spouses, but the threat of losing themselves is greater than being away from their family for a short period. Many times, people who have tried outpatient services end up turning to the structured programs offered in inpatient care. They need monitoring, counseling, and help to get through their addiction. If you need to detox, part of the residential treatment programs in Florida provides this benefit. You will undergo an extensive regimen that teaches you about the disease and offers support through the journey. Many people love that these programs are structured and that you get to be removed from the environments that tempt you to use. While in treatment, you will rebuild new life skills and learn your triggers for addiction. If you have tried to overcome addiction before and failed, then you may need the structure that is provided while in inpatient recovery.

Finding The Program That’s Right For You

Deciding to get help is the first step in your recovery process. However, when you have children that are depending on you every day, your options may be limited. If you need Florida inpatient services, most centers have visitation hours that will allow you to see your family regularly. If you have tried outpatient help and it has failed, inpatient treatment may be what it takes to make it. The fact is that your children need you to be whole, healthy, and ready to handle anything life throws at you. Are you ready to start the journey? Our counselors are prepared to assist you in finding the center in “The Sunshine State,” and the services, that are right for you. We are available 24/7. Your healing begins with one phone call for help. Call us today at 772-266-5320.

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