What do I take with me when I go to a drug rehab center in South Florida?

Going to a drug rehab facility can be scary simply because it is so unknown. The more you know about what to expect and how to prepare, however, the less scary it will be. One of the common questions asked by potential or future patients is what to bring when going to a drug rehab center in South Florida. Here is a brief overview of some of the things that you will want to bring and some things you will want to leave at home.

BRING: Comfortable clothes

Think of going to drug rehab like going to the hospital or any other kind of physical rehabilitation facility. When you are there, you’ll want to focus on your health and healing. It’s hard to focus on that when you are instead constantly aware of tight, uncomfortable clothes. Another way to think about the types of clothing you will want to bring is to ask yourself what you would wear if you planned on spending a long weekend hunkered down at home. You will also want to consider the kinds of facilities or amenities the center has to offer. If they offer a gym or workout room, you might want to bring workout clothes and if they offer a pool, sauna, steam room or hot tub, you might want to bring swimwear.

LEAVE: Dressy or “party” clothes

There is no doubt that drug and alcohol addiction and going out partying go hand in hand. In fact, drugs and alcohol are generally considered an inextricable part of having a “good time.” Not only will you be unlikely to have an opportunity to wear your party clothes at a drug rehab center but just bringing them may give you the unavoidable urge to go out and wear them somewhere. Whether you act on that urge or not, just having this type of clothing with you can seriously hamper your healing.

BRING: Things that give you comfort or strength

You may be embarrassed by the fact that you still have a favorite stuffed teddy bear or a favorite old, ratty robe or favorite blanket. Going through rehab can be incredibly challenging, however, so you will want to surround yourself with things that bring you comfort. You will also want to bring things that give you strength. You may have a favorite inspirational quote or verse that you may want to print and put in a frame or a photo of someone who is inspirational in your life. If you have a piece of jewelry given to you by a loved one, you might also want to bring that.

LEAVE: Drugs or alcohol

As tempting as it might be to try and sneak drugs or alcohol with you into rehab, it is not a good idea. You cannot truly get the help you need if you are trying to cheat the system from the start. If you have prescription medications, you can bring them but be prepared to surrender them on check-in. All medications will most likely be dispensed by the center’s staff. More than likely the staff will also work with your primary care physician to determine which medications you actually need and which might interfere with your treatment.

BRING: Books or journals

In most cases, you will be asked to surrender electronic devices, so you might want to bring some hard copy things to do with your free time. In addition to books you can read, you can also bring puzzle books or other types of books with activities you enjoy. Journaling can also be a powerful therapeutic tool, so you may want to bring a nice journal to use during your stay. You also might want to avoid magazines that promote a lifestyle you are trying to avoid while in rehab.

LEAVE: Extra electronic devices

Most drug rehab centers will ask you to surrender your electronic devices on check-in. Much like with the temptation to smuggle in drugs or alcohol, it can be tempting to try and sneak extra electronic devices in as well. What you get out of drug rehab, however, will largely depend on what you put into it. While drug rehab centers are not prisons and it can be fairly easy to cheat the system, in the end, the only person you will be cheating is yourself. If you are ready to get started on your journey to health and wellness, give us a call today at 772-266-5320. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day.

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