What Information Will I Need To Be Admitted To A Heroin Detox Center?

Congratulations on arriving on your latest decision about seeking professional treatment for heroin addiction. Accepting that you need help to prevent further deterioration of your health, social life, and work-life due to your dependency on drugs is undoubtedly a commendable step in the right direction. First-day jitters are normal, especially if this is your first time enrolling in rehab.

Nonetheless, understanding the intake process and the type of information your prospective heroin detox rehab will request during admittance, might help calm your nerves. You are also likely to prepare well for the interview and assessments beforehand. We will take you through some of the standard intake steps that you will be required to provide information to help you receive better treatment.

Initial contact

Typically, admission processes begin when you or your concerned family member contacts the heroin detox center. This first contact with the facility may be via a call or a personal visit. The session is an opportunity for the rehab’s representative to establish an effective alliance with you or your family and encourage you to proceed with treatment.

Here, the company’s representative will ask you to provide some basic information about the client looking to be admitted into the heroin detox center. The data may include full names, current home address, phone number, age, gender, type of substance abuse, and to what extent. Coordinators will advise that you provide accurate and correct information as it is always confidential. The information provided will help the facility determine if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment program and if there is an extra vacancy for you.

Interviews and questionnaires

You may proceed to the next comprehensive intake process on the same day or get scheduled for another day. The next intake process involves a series of interviews and questionnaires that are structured by clinicians to get to understand and know you better. Again, the interviews will ask you to provide the following:

  • Your age, sex, occupation, relationship status, and other personal information.
  • Your medical history.
  • Your family’s history in relation to heroin or drug abuse.
  • Narrate how your dependency on drugs started.
  • Narrate how long you’ve been taking heroin, your motivation to seek treatment and whether this is your first time in rehab.
  • Any other records on drug use and abuse apart from the stated heroin.

The answers to these questions aid clinicians in formulating a customized treatment plan for your heroin addiction problem.

Mental and medical health assessments

According to studies and reports, mental and medical health problems are prevalent among substance abusers. Your doctor may need additional information on any medical or mental health history, either from personal records or family history. Diagnosing co-occurring mental and medical problems aids doctors and therapists in creating better treatment plans and establishing realistic goals. In addition, your doctor may conduct multiple lab tests, HIV screening, TB tests, and hepatitis tests to determine your potential for experiencing withdrawal symptoms and in what range.

Although the questions might sound intrusive, it’s important to provide accurate information for your health’s sake. Again, company policies and the law protect your data from being shared unless it’s necessary.

Payment information

Typically, in most admission forms, there is a section that indicates insurance and payment information. You are required to provide your insurance information if you plan to pay via insurance. The rehab coordinator will contact your insurer to confirm if they will cover your addiction treatment expenses. In most cases, patients may be forced to pay a certain amount out of their pockets while the insurance covers the rest of the amount.

If you are planning on paying cash or through credit card, it’s best to clear with the company coordinator on the expected costs and the best payment plans. It’s important to note that rehab centers don’t accept payment through insurance covers. Ensure that you understand how the heroin detox rehab operates before signing the contract.

How is information provided to the rehab secure?

We understand the concern among most patients regarding information provided to the rehab. The law, through HIPAA and certain state-regulated laws, protect your information from being shared without your consent. If confidentiality crisis is the reason preventing you from seeking professional help to protect your employment status or dignity, don’t worry: all information provided is confidential.

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