What Is a 90-Day Drug Rehab Program?

Millions of people struggle with substance use disorders. It can be an agonizing battle just to live from one day to the next. However, have you ever wondered how so many millions also find a new way to live? There is a solution for drug and alcohol addiction.

The solution is found in recovery. Frequently, a treatment program is where you begin. Substance abuse disorder treatment programs can establish a foundation for successful recovery. There are a number of different treatment programs available.

Each can depend on your unique circumstances. However, 90-day treatment programs are becoming increasingly more popular. Being exposed to 90 days of treatment is proving successful. So, what is a 90-day drug rehab program?

Treatment Program Overview

Treatment programs for substance abuse disorders will typically last between 28 and 90 days. There are longer programs available for more serious conditions. The old 28-day rehab experience isn’t as common today. The most common length of a drug rehab is 90-days.

There are many advantages to choosing a 90-day treatment program as opposed to a shorter program. One factor is the short period that it requires you to be capable of absorbing important information. All treatment programs will involve sessions with a trained substance abuse specialist.

It can be difficult to cram multiple sessions in a few short weeks. Having a full 12-weeks available during a 90-day rehab program is extremely helpful. Let’s look at some benefits of choosing a 90-day rehab program.

Benefits of a 90-day Drug Rehab Program

There have been various studies of drug rehab lengths. The original concept of a one-month timeframe being sufficient to stay clean and sober is no longer as strongly recommended as the optimal treatment program.

The 90-day rehab design has been shown to provide the most stable foundation for successful recovery. Multiple studies indicate 90-days to have a variety of benefits. Being part of a recovery community for a full three-month program helps to reduce cravings and urges.

Despite the physical cravings subsiding after as little as two-weeks, the extra time has been shown to help your body adjust to living without drugs or alcohol. This can be extremely important as you move from a treatment facility back into your everyday life.

The early stages of substance withdrawal also play an important factor in recovery. Most people are not mentally prepared to begin learning about recovery for at least a week after stopping. This leaves only three short weeks, if the program is only 30-days.

A 90-day program removes this problem completely. Once you’ve completed a necessary period of detox to safely handle any withdrawal symptoms, you’ll be better prepared to absorb the details of treatment.

The intensive therapy and group sessions that help build a foundation for recovery are not nearly as thorough in rehab programs that are less than 90-days. Frequently, it takes a couple of weeks to establish a trust relationship with even a private counselor.

Each week during a 90-day rehab program, clients express an increasingly stronger bond with individuals. Combine this increasingly stronger bond with therapists and like-minded people in recovery, and a far more stable foundation can be established in 90-days.

A shorter rehab program will also limit the time you and a therapist can concentrate on identifying potential triggers to relapse. Since drug and alcohol addiction can kill you, preventing a relapse is very important.

The chances of relapse for those who complete a shorter rehab program than 90-days is far greater. This ability to identify and establish a defense against relapse triggers is a huge part of the reason.

Recovery addicts and alcoholics also benefit tremendously by having extra days to improve their sobriety coping skills. Living without drugs and alcohol is a dramatic change. The more practice you have at living one day at a time, the better you’ll be prepared once you complete treatment.

To emphasize how important longer rehab programs can be, many who complete a 90-day treatment program will elect to live in a sober-living house after treatment. This helps to reinforce the tools necessary to return to normal life while avoiding a dangerous relapse.

Substance abuse can seem like a lonely place. The agony of trying to get clean and sober can be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be. You can join the millions of people who have found recovery. All it takes is a phone call.

Once you take this important first step, you can begin to find your own path in recovery. It is a wonderful lifelong journey, free from drugs and alcohol. Reach out for help today, because tomorrow might be too late. Call us now at 772-266-5320.

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